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All things considered, Stratus 1.0 portable offers a simple software solution when it comes to keeping you up-to-date with the latest meteorological conditions. It can be easily installed and configured by all types of users, regardless of their experience level. A lightweight gadget that helps users stay up-to-date with the current weather conditions for the specified location, while offering support for a five-day forecast Stratus Free Download Activator Stratus 1.0 full download takes the form of a transparent square, wherein you will see the current temperature, the set location, and the high and low temperature for the day. If you click on the icon that reads “5” with an open notebook beside, you will be able to see a 5-day forecast which will appear below the current temperature. You can’t really configure the application, however, you can change the temperature so it is displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees, and you can change the font color from white to black so that the text is more visible. There is also an option to make the application stay on top of everything on the screen, which allows you to view the current temperature at all times.

Download Stratus 1.0 Full Version Free Crack – A lightweight gadget that helps users stay up-to-date with the current weather conditions for the specified location, while offering support for a five-day forecast Stratus 1.0 free is an Adobe Air-driven weather widget. It is an application that sits on top of all windows on your desktop and shows you weather information obtained from The app is about 100 pixels by 100 pixels in size and can be easily moved by clicking on it and dragging it around. It is very responsive and the movement is smooth. Stratus Features:

  • None
  • Accurate data
  • Transparency is customizable
  • Weather alerts
  • Nice-looking Stratus Full Version Activator

I would love to be able to refresh temperature manually or to specify the refresh rate. Still, all in all, the application doesn’t bother me when it is open and it provides a good, easy way to check the weather. A double-click on the temperature takes you to the AccuWeather website for the city that you are monitoring. See the current weather and a forecast directly on the screen Stratus serial code is a lightweight gadget that provides the current weather condition for the specified location and a five-day forecast. Plus, it is able to inform you about extreme weather conditions. It sports a clean and simple interface that allows users to perform most operations with just a few clicks. This small gadget can be moved to any area of the screen, and you can also search for the desired location, change the sun display, and pick the unit of measurement for temperature.

System Requirement:

  • Adobe AIR 1.5
  • Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author AccuWeather
  • Last version 1.0

How can I change from Celsius to Fahrenheit on Stratus?

Click on the option icon and select either °F (Fahrenheit) or °C (Celsius) button.

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  1. Although Accuweather Stratus comes close to Dell Stage version, it does not give time and date. This app should be free for everyone. If you allowed Dell exclusive rights to a particular version, you’ve done a great dis service to the public. Also Dell has somehow removed the drop-down 5 day forcast from the Dell version of Accuweather and takes you directly to Accuweather website. I LOVED the drop-down! And the numbers that show the time are not as large. Another mistake!

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