AM-DeadLink 4.8 registered

AM-DeadLink 4.8 registered

  One of the best functions of AM-DeadLink 4.8 keys is that it supports the favorites of the most popular browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Chrome, but it’s also capable of checking in HTML files and texts with URLs separated by commas.   On the other hand, if you work with Internet Explorer or Opera it will search the favicons (the small icons that each website associates to their address) to add them to the favorite or bookmark menu so that you can find them greater ease.   The interface of AM-DeadLink setup is really simple and it works perfectly, so if you have a large amount of favorites and you still want to visit them and know if they are still active, download it and install it for free.

AM-DeadLink Activation Key

Support for many web browser and viewing detailed info

What's more, it boasts quite a clean a well-organized interface, with support for the most popular browsers currently on the market, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. Once you launch the app, it automatically scans and displays the bookmarks for the selected browser, giving you the option to easily check for dead links. The main window is being used to display all details, including name, URL, potential errors, status, absolute path and folder.

In addition to browser bookmarks, this piece of software also helps you check any HTML file saved on your computer or URLs that can be found inside text files (either tab delimited or comma separated text files) and gives you the possibility to delete them. To sum it all up, if you are ever in need of a piece of software that can quickly help you detect any dead links or duplicates in your browser bookmarks and text files then this easy-to-use program is worth trying.

AM-DeadLink Features:

  • none
  • quickly scans for dead links and deletes them
AM-DeadLink full version crack

Download AM-DeadLink 4.8 Full Version serial code – Check bookmarks and favorites for dead links with this application that features a built-in browser and a duplicate finding tool AM-DeadLink 4.8 full version with keygen download performs the tedious task of searching in your favorites and bookmarks to find out if any of them are obsolete. After just a few months of browsing over the web it’s normal to accumulate hundreds of different bookmarks, and on many occasions they are only used once or twice, and when you finally get around to visiting them, they don’t work. With AM-DeadLink 4.8 full version with crack you’ll never encounter this problem again.

System Requirement:

  • Homepage:
  • Author Aignesberger Software GmbH
  • Last version 4.8

What’s new in last version:

Vivaldi bookmarks supported
Smaller fixes and improvements
Firefox 2.x format re-introduced. It's now possible again to check "bookmark.html" files with old Firefox 2.x and Mozilla format.
Firefox: Bookmarks are now read-only and can no longer be changed or deleted within AM-DeadLink. This step was required to avoid conflicts due to changes in the Firefox database. AM-DeadLink can however still be used to open and check Firefox bookmarks for dead links.
Delete *.URL files: *.URL files are now deleted to the recycle bin
AM-DeadLink could not find Internet Explorer Favorites under certain circumstances
Minor fixes and improvements
AM-DeadLink could crash with certain Chrome bookmarks

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  1. A tool for the troublesome but essential cleanup of out-of-date materials.

  2. Installed McAfee anti-bugware without warning (right over my existing anti-bugware!!!), and cannot set the tool bar the way I use it.

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