AnalogX Proxy 4.15 Activator Free Download

AnalogX Proxy 4.15 Activator Free Download

Do you have several machines on a network, but only one connection to the internet? Wish you could browse the net from the other machines, just like you can from the machine thats connected? Then what youre looking for is called a Proxy Server, and AnalogX has just what you want. AnalogX Proxy 4.15 full version with crack is a small and simple server that allows any other machine on your local network to route its requests through a central machine. So what does that mean in English? Simple, run Proxy on the machine with the internet connection, configure the other machines to use a proxy (its very easy, theres a detailed description in the readme), and voila! Youre surfing the web from any other machine on your network! Supports HTTP (web), HTTPS (secure web), POP3 (receive mail), SMTP (send mail), NNTP (newsgroups), FTP (file transfer), and Socks4/4a and partial Socks5 (no UDP) protocols! It works great with Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, AOL Instant Messenger, Microsoft Messenger, and many more! Proxy works on all versions of Windows, from Window 95 to Windows 7 and everything inbetween (including XP, Vista, Win2k, etc).

AnalogX Proxy keys

Once you're done with the configuration process, it's enough to keep the app always running in the System Tray and configure the clients to use a proxy. That can be easily done by following a few simple steps, all of which are described in the “Readme” file included in the package. AnalogX Proxy activator works like a charm on all Windows workstations, but keep in mind that you must configure the firewall to allow connections once you launch the application. Of course, you don't need a super fast computer to run the program flawlessly, but Windows 7 users need administrator privileges to configure new firewall rules and thus allow the network machines to connect to the proxy server.

AnalogX Proxy 4.15 pre-Activated is a very easy to use proxy server that allows you to share the Internet connection with the other computers in the network. The application is extremely easy to use and although setting up a proxy server may sound like rocket science to many users out there, AnalogX Proxy full version with keygen download free makes everything a breeze. All you need to do is to open the app and enable the services you wish to use, be they HTTP, FTP, NNTP, SMTP, POP3 and Socks. Additionally, the program's configuration screen lets you enable logging, but also provide a news server address.

AnalogX Proxy Features:

  • Light
  • Zero configuration
  • Fast
  • It doesn’t have any filtering options, but it is not meant to be a robust server, just a quick and easy-to-use one
AnalogX Proxy Full Version Free Crack

AnalogX Proxy 4.15 full is a program that acts as if it were a server, with the objective of making it possible to access the Internet from any computer connected to a local network, by means of a single PC.   To be able to use, it’s necessary to install the application on the computer that has the Internet connection and configure the rest of machines so that they access the rest of networks by means of a proxy network, something that is somewhat complex to start off, because it requires a certain amount of knowledge about networks.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Rebuilt and fixed Vista issues
Fixed query bug reported by Network Intelligence India

AnalogX Proxy 4.15 pre-Activated, AnalogX Proxy 4.14 activated

11 thoughts on “AnalogX Proxy 4.15 Activator Free Download

  1. License key doesn’t work and support doesn’t care about my emails since more than two weeks.

  2. Works fine up to the 83,222kb threshold. after that it’s worthless. The add they write is so misleading in that they advertise that you could record for as long as your drive as available memory. This is NOT the case again all my attempts to record end at the same point, 83,222.
    They advertise customer support yet they have not ever responded to the many support questions I have asked regarding this problem. Although they were there when it came to accepting payment for the software.

  3. Limited functionality seems to be a common thing in most Free-ware. Did run across a huge exception. A program I would even rate 4 stars is on called Gramps. Part of Free community of genealogy … sort of like OPENOFFICE or Gimp. It is EXTREMELY powerful, fast (python driven), but hard to learn, If you have the IQ, that is the genealogy program to have.

  4. But if it can’t do the basic job of reading a PDF then it’s no use to me. Bloated, very slow to load. I have lots of problems trying to scroll through documents where the display becomes disjointed and effectively means it is not possible to use. Reverting to version 7 !

  5. There are a few minor things that are not included, like securely deleting the original data. It would also be nice if it included integration into the file system, so you could negotiate BCAcives within windows, and not in the program.

  6. I would prefer a true trial version – the free version is scan only. If it finds malware, you have to purchase the program for $35 in order to have the program remove it.

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