AP Tuner 3.08 full download

AP Tuner 3.08 full download

APTuner is a sophisticated chromatic tuner for your computer, tablet, and phone. AP Tuner full version patch is a full feature chromatic tuner for your PC. The tuner is responsive and accurate (~0. 1 cents). The software has a detection algorithm to better find low and in-harmonic notes. AP Tuner 3.08 Full Version keygen is a highly accurate and responsive instrument tuner developed for use with a computer. The application is as simple and functional as possible. The latest version supports an improved detection algorithm for low notes for bass and piano. AP Tuner full version setup can now handle custom temperament and stretch tables. AP Tuner 3.08 serial keys also sports a new “Harmonics Graph” window that has been added to visualize harmonic content over time.

AP Tuner setup

Without accuracy, musical instruments cannot render a musical piece as it was intended by the composer and oftentimes players tune them up. AP Tuner 3.08 full version serial keys is a simple tool that can do the job when an instrument is plugged into the computer. Installing it requires only a few steps but for the process to complete the system needs to be equipped with a recording device.

Interface and usability

The interface lacks complexity and it is straightforward. The elements available are an energy indicator that shows the level of the current sound card input, a section where the latest detected note is displayed, a global tuning indicator and cent off indicators displayed bot graphically and in text.

AP Tuner 3.08 crack is a convenient musical instrument’s tuner that will help you to keep the good sound of your instruments. It is capable of tuning guitars, bass, violins, and almost any instrument that needs to be tuned with great accuracy (has an up to 0.1 cents scale). It works both by capturing the audio microphones for acoustic instruments, and by input line for electric instruments (when necessary, you must use an input adapter). It is truly accurate, and allows you to choose between several different tunings to meet your needs.

AP Tuner Features:

  • Its analog-type dial
  • Accurate and fully configurable to fit one’s needs
AP Tuner with serial keys

APTuner is a sophisticated chromatic tuner for your computer, tablet, and phone. Come see the unparalleled accuracy and insightful user interface features. Note Detection APTuner is built around a best-in-class note detector spanning 8 octaves even for low piano notes. Our analysis algorithm eliminates many of the octave or fifth errors you often see with other tuners. Strobe Display You can also watch the loudness of each note against its pitch. This way you are not only improving the consistency of your tone, but your volume as well. (currently only for iPhone) Temperaments & Transpositions APTuner has all the features you expect in a full featured tuner: Adjustable A4 frequency Transpose concert pitch to your instrument. Switch to a wide range of historical temperaments.

System Requirement:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
  • Homepage: www.aptuner.com
  • Author Joseph Broms and Kevin Moore.
  • Last version 3.08

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