AVI ReComp 1.5.6 For Pc Free Download

AVI ReComp 1.5.6 For Pc Free Download

AVI ReComp 1.5.6 Full Version Serial Key comes with a pretty neat and intuitive interface that makes recompressing AVI files a simple job. The casual users who need to quickly recompress an AVI file without being interested in advanced settings can do this only by following these steps: loading the source AVI file, selecting its output location and name, specifying the desired new size and last, pressing the “Add to queue” and then “Start” buttons from the “Queue” tab of the interface. I’d say that the fact that the “Start” button is located on a secondary tab of the interface is a small downside, as novice users can have a bit of trouble finding it. Anyway, this doesn’t change the fact that the application is indeed straightforward, simple and easy-to-use.

AVI ReComp portable

AVI ReComp free full download enables batch encoding, getting detailed information about AVI files and adding own logo to the movie. You can also change a resolution and aspect ratio of your video clip. The Cropping tool can be used to crop existing black borders or just change video aspect ratio. It is also possible to convert all audio streams of your movie choosing one of available encoding modes (VBR, ABR, CBR) and bitrates.

AVI ReComp Full Version pre-Activated allows you to recompress your AVI files. The application supports not only the files containing audio streams but AVIs without any audio as well. AVI ReComp 1.5.6 pre-Activated can be very useful for users who want to clear their AVIs out of GMC or Qpel functions to prepare their clips for standalone DVD players. The program contains the feature of embedding subtitles into video. So if you want burnt in subtitles, you can use this software. Additionally the newest versions allow you to add black borders to your movie and place your subtitles on them. You can also adjust all settings for ssa and ass subtitles (style, colour, position).

AVI ReComp Features:

  • You can also crop, resample or add watermarks to the videos
  • It’s free
  • Can recompress the AVI videos to any desired file size
  • The interface can not be resized or customized
  • Lets you watermark videos using only BMP image files (no support for JPEG, GIF or PNG pictures)
AVI ReComp patched

AVI ReComp 1.5.6 Full Version Registration key allows you to recompress your AVI files. AVI ReComp Full Version Activator is a handy tool that allows you to recompress AVI video files Video files are generally files that we find very difficult to edit their properties because it’s usually necessary to use complex applications, that require specific knowledge in the video editing field.

Software to edit AVI files

Now, thanks to AVI ReComp 1.5.6 Full Version Serial Key , you’ll be able to edit the resolution, size, watermark, subtitles or the frame formed by the two horizontal black lines in the 16:9 format, in a simple way and without having specific video editing knowledge.

System Requirement:

I started AVI Recomp and designated input and output file names, but there is no “start” button.

First you add the files using the respective buttons, then you change the settings and navigate to Queue tab and click Add to Queue then you press Start. If everything is ok, the process should start converting your file. That’s it, there are no additional configurations regarding this matter.
In the picture below you can see how the process should be done.

What’s new in last version:

New option to add custom target file sizes.
Slight UI changes and improvements.
Updated some of the external libraries.
Help file update.
Improved handling of exceptions caused by invalid subtitle files
Improved mp3 encoding parameters
The lowest available audio bitrate is now 96 kbps
Audio bitrate = 320 kbps is now available only for CBR mode
Azid and LAME settings are now saved to the log
Help file update
In some circumstances checking for a new version could work incorrectly
New Spanish translation
New Slovak translation
Xvid updated to version 1.3.2 final.
LAME encoder updated to version 3.99.5
Source code corrections and improvements.
Our own Xvid installer replaced by the original installer provided by the Xvid Team.
Due to implementation of Xvid external installer, codec's remnants cannot be removed now.

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12 thoughts on “AVI ReComp 1.5.6 For Pc Free Download

  1. 2019 and still using it daily on Windows 10. No idea if it has been updated, if they do , an auto backup would be useful.

  2. i can’t get this app or other similar apps to display correctly. it could be a video conversion issue, anyone else attempting using <a href=”http://sewelldirect.com/Gefen-Wireless-HDMI-Extender.asp”>wireless HDMI</a> having the same issues?

  3. it doesn’t gave me anything extra, every single tool is something i’m used to thanks to others programs so i don’t see the need for a change. Everything is just more “pretty” but not better.

  4. I, used the 14 day free trial and found that pretty much every feature was locked out what good is a trial if the features they’re trying to sell you aren’t available???

  5. No instructions?! Help page not available? How do I crop? If there is no help available for the free version, I can’t test it properly. I will be uninstalling this immediately and looking for something which is a fair trial.

  6. I use this program and since then have been asked to run numerous tournaments around the area and its great. Thank you.

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