Box Sync 4.0.8009 registeration keys

Box Sync 4.0.8009 registeration keys

Box Sync 4.0.8009 Full Version license code gives you a quick and intuitive way to selectively sync your files across all of your devices, so you always have access to what you need when you need it. Take advantage of easy drag-and-drop techniques to keep your files organized with just a few clicks through this app’s handy interface.


Add and remove: Adding and removing files from your Box couldn’t be easier through this program’s handy drag-and-drop feature. Just drop in the files you want to sync, and you’ll quickly see them on all of your other devices. And to save space, you can just as easily remove files from your Box Sync 4.0 full download folder when you don’t need urgent access to them anymore.

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Direct sharing: This app also supports quick direct sharing of files with friends and colleagues. All you have to do is add users to your Homegroup, and then you can choose whether they can access the files as Read Only or as Read and Write. You can also share with individual users if you have something you don’t want to send out to the whole group.


Crashes: The app did crash several times during testing when we tried to open the Box folder. Restarting the program and trying again always fixed the problem, but it could get a little frustrating if it continues happening.

Box Sync 4.0.8009 Full Version license code keeps files in sync between your desktop and Box account Official client from Box Sync 4.0 pin, the alternative to Dropbox services with so much for space, enabling you to access the cloud files on your devices Box Sync 4.0 keys is a Windows desktop sync application that keeps all your files safe and secure in the cloud, while having them available on your computer and accessible from anywhere, on any device with Box mobile apps. No matter how you work, Box Sync preactivated helps you keep your files organized, safe, and always in sync with your business.

Box Sync Features:

  • Save your time and disk space. This software only partially backed up my desktop after three days of waiting and was impossible to resync as files updated. This product is SLOW, and impractical. You’d be better to use a flash drive or shared drive to copy files and share between users. It would be faster and easier to tell what was up to date and what wasn’t.
Box Sync pre-Activated

Bottom Line

Box Sync 4.0 Full Version Registration key is a convenient way to keep the files you need most right at your fingertips. The basic mechanics for adding and removing files make it very smooth to use, and the auto-sharing features facilitate collaboration nicely. The app is free for one user with up to 10GB of storage and a maximum file upload size of 250MB. Pricing and storage options increase from there, but all are available to try for free for 14 days.

System Requirement:

  • Internet connection
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64, Windows 8, Windows 8 64, Windows 10, Windows 10 64
  • Homepage:
  • Author Box
  • Last version 4.0.8009

What’s new in last version:

In this release we have included the following enhancements:
Support for Box Shield 1.0 Beta including Smart Access Policies and Anomaly Detection
We have also resolved the following issues:
Security bug on Windows
MacOS 10.15 users were prompted with an error: "Select another folder location" when starting syncing
Files without a mod time could not be uploaded
Users were hitting a "network resource that is unavailable" error during updates
Syncing 100,000 Files:
Box Sync 4.0 does not limit the number of files and folders that can be synced at any given time. Box has successfully tested and synced 100,000 files in various scenarios.
Improved Overall Performance:
Box Sync 4.0 uses an “always watching” strategy to report any changes that occurred in Box or on your computer. This strategy now allows Box Sync to receive notifications on each file that changed in either system, thus providing quicker and accurate reports. This change allows Box Sync 4.0 to deliver better performance, particularly when syncing a large number of files.

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9 thoughts on “Box Sync 4.0.8009 registeration keys


  2. Cons is that it is by aol and weatherbug and its full of ads etc…. a total junk program in compariaon to better programs out there.

  3. I thought this program was great until I tried to do a restore to upgrade my HD. It kept locking up. I managed to use the Disk Clone feature while running in Windows and it worked, but I am very concerned about having to do a restore in the event of a major failure. Will it work or will it crash and lock-up like it did so many times? It’s too bad. Otherwise this would be a fantastic program.

  4. A few minor gripes. The English translation could use some work. Also, the uninstall button can easily be clicked by accident because there is no “are you sure” warning. Overall it does what it says on the tin, and leaves no trace of any even potential adware on the system. Finally, it will (quite unexpectedly) shut down programs you are currently using to do its job, which I realize is necessary, and there is a warning for it, but I wish I knew of it ahead of time.

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