Chris PC-Lock 3.70 full version patch

Chris PC-Lock 3.70 full version patch

Chris PC-Lock 3.70 Full Version key will lock your keyboard (a limited virtual keyboard can be displayed on the screen by request), your mouse, and any access to the Task Manager in earlier Windows versions. It will disable all those shortcuts susceptible of disabling or circumventing Chris PC-Lock 3.70 portable’s protection, such as Alt+F4, Ctrl+Alt+Del, and others, leaving the password you created as the one and only key to your computer. You can try the program for a few days without any limitation in its functionality, so you can see for yourself if that mixture of simplicity of use and high level of security that it offers fits your requirements.

Chris PC-Lock registration keys

Keeping your private and sensitive data away from prying eyes and protecting your work against accidental changes and loss are but two of the many reasons why Chris PC-Lock 3.70 portable is an interesting tool to explore. Whenever you key in the shortcut you defined, this tiny utility will lock your PC or laptop in such a way that only those who know the right password will be allowed to use it again. All the rest will see is a nice slideshow of Romanian landscapes or whatever another set of images you want to show them.

Also, the screensaver can be disabled while the PC is locked. During this time, Christ PC-Lock can display a series of pictures. The background can be a simple color or a picture slideshow. In order for this feature to work, an input folder must be selected. The software already comes with a default location, but you can change it easily. Furthermore, you can customize the picture’s size, the image order and the slideshow time delay. Advanced settings enable you to fiddle with the background transparency.

In conclusion

Overall, Chris PC-Lock Full Crack is a nice app that can be useful. However, Windows comes packed with a similar feature, with fewer customization options.

Chris PC-Lock Features:

  • Allows you to define a shortcut to lock your computer
  • The user interface needs serious revamping
  • Lack of any extra features, such as a password generator
  • Hides your mouse and cursor after a certain amount of time
  • Customizable background images
  • Password can be changed at any time
Chris PC-Lock preactivated

Chris PC-Lock activated is very simple to set up and use – all you’ll be asked for is a password, the safest you can think of. You will need to remember it to go back to your PC, so make it hard to crack and easy to remember at the same time. Note that once your PC has been locked, the password you create is the only key to your computer, so try not to lose it or forget it. You can always change it for a new one at the settings window.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Added virtual keyboard support. You can easily enter the password to unlock your computer even if you don't have a keyboard connected to your PC.
Fixed problems that appeared on some systems for users without administration rights.
Fixed automatic launch of Chris PC-Lock on some systems.
Small fixes and improvements.
Small fixes and improvements
Improved the idle locking feature for Windows XP and Windows 2000.

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  1. Only a fool thinks a Registry Optimizer of any kind will speed up their pc and not cause it to crash.

  2. I used it did not like anything about it. Firefox is the best BROWSER. Did not want to give Acoo Browser even one star but had to to post this.

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