ComicRack 0.9.178 full setup

ComicRack 0.9.178 full setup

With ComicRack 0.9.178 Full Version Registered, read your eComics the way you want: Fast navigation, auto scrolling, auto rotation, dynamic zooming, automatic page fitting, magnifier, manga mode, full screen reading, dual screen support, multi-tab interface. As a reader ComicRack 0.9 Full Version Activation Code supports all the state of the art features you can expect: different display modes, full screen, information overlays, magnifier, color adjustments, automatic backcolor matching and a multi tab interface to quickly switch between eComics. With ComicRack portable we can open our favorite ecomics and we can enjoy of them

ComicRack pre-Activated

Download ComicRack 0.9.178 key – Visualize eComics with this handy application that also comes with an integrated library to help you manage your files more easily Reading comic books saved in a digital format should be a pleasant activity, yet if the right tools are not available, it can turn into a hunt for software that can read one file type or another, since manga and other graphic novels may come in a variety of formats.

Visualize eComics with this handy application that also comes with an integrated library to help you manage your files more easily It is an all-in-one solution to read and manage your eComic library. With ComicRack premium we can open our favorite ecomics and we can enjoy of them in our computers. When we open the software we can find the Menu Bar, other toolbar, and three tags they are: Library, Folders and Pages.

ComicRack Features:

  • Has no disadvantages
  • Can open or download a free ecomic from the ComicRack page
  • We can see our ecomic in the screen like Full Screen, Reader in own Window, page layout, Zoom, rotation or Magnifier
  • ComicRack does not julienne potatoes, organize your closet, or emit a faint lemon scent.
ComicRack registeration keys

When it comes to the display configuration, ComicRack 0.9 Activation Key will allow you to adjust the saturation, brightness, contrast, gamma and sharpening, using the corresponding sliders you will find in the “Preferences” menu.

Managing comics

Insofar as the book management is concerned, you can add a set of folders to be monitored for changes while ComicRack 0.9.178 keys is up and running. The application is able to exclude from the library files that are missing during scans. In addition to that, if one or more books have been removed manually from the library, they will not be added after the scan is complete.

System Requirement:

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author cYo Soft
  • Last version 0.9.178

What’s new in last version:

ComicRack now fully supports HiDPI Screens (Surface Pro, Retina etc.)
Added new format values {numberonly} and {volumeonly} for caption/filename formatting (see example in comicrack.ini CaptionFormat)
Removed usage of default ComicRack.ini if alternate configuration is specified
CHANGE: Upped .NET version to 4.5
CHANGE: Added background saving of cache index. Should help with lost cache items when ComicRack crashes
CHANGE: Extended search depth to find connected USB devices
CHANGE: Added column header to group list
CHANGE: Added group size to group list
CHANGE: Double click on group header list splitter closes the list

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10 thoughts on “ComicRack 0.9.178 full setup

  1. In addition, the converted songs will preserve full ID3 tags. So I don’t bother to edit it myself.

  2. Installing this software substantially increases user risk, though it promises the opposite.
    1. Appears and disappears.
    2. Erasures always complete with errors
    3. When I tried to uninstall/re-install my pc got infected with a virus that WEBROOT detected and removed.
    4. Other problems since installation may have been due to this software. Time will tell now that I have uninstalled it.
    5. CNN needs to revise its criteria for listing and keeping a listing for software such as this.
    6. Software such as this should be held to a much higher standard, just as human officials, e.g., police, judges, etc.

  3. Some of the features I do not understand. For instance in the services manager, I don’t know what half of the things are supposed to do

  4. You can not see which figure you move – not highlighted . You should enter only english file name to save the game and load it later . If you want to use the black figures ,you’ll have first to manually rotate the board from the menu .

  5. ABC Navigator is an excellent program. Unfortunately there are no help files or user manuals to be found. Most of it is intuitive, but some of the more useful functions are frustratingly elusive.

  6. Since version 11.24 the greedy and sneaky developer, Innovative Solutions, has added a secret add-on program called “Daily Health Check” that you have to buy. This needless program just cleans up the temp files that many free utilities do.

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