Convert DOC to PDF For Word 4.00 precracked

Convert DOC to PDF For Word 4.00 precracked

This Word extension can help you create PDF documents. It has the advantage that lets you use Microsoft Word for this purpose. As this text processor is widely known and used, any user can edit and create PDF documents without the need to use more specific software. The tool usually appears as a series of buttons on Microsoft Word toolbar. Creating a PDF file with this extension is as easy as clicking on the “Save As PDF” button. However, you can also specify additional parameters so that the resulting document meets your exact requirements. In this regard, it allows you to set a default output folder. Likewise, you can select a PDF version to guarantee its compatibility. Other aspects related to the document appearance as resolution and rotation can also be configured. In addition, you can decide whether to embed fonts or not.

Convert DOC to PDF For Word Full Version keygen

Microsoft Word documents can be read by almost anyone these days, but the PDF format still has a few advantages. This application provides a simple way to convert Word files into PDF documents from inside the word-processing application itself. Once the program is installed, another special driver must be downloaded; then the PDF toolbar must be enabled inside Microsoft Word via a right click of the mouse. This provides a basic range of options, allowing files to be resized or compressed while they’re converted. It does lack some advanced features, such as the capability to remove pictures from the original file while saving just the text. The conversion itself takes just seconds, after which the user simply has to select a folder in which to save the output. Given this program’s convenient plug-in interface and minimal drag on system resources, we can recommend this download to Microsoft Word users who want to transform their documents into PDF.

Convert DOC to PDF For Word 4.00 crack is a tool that does exactly the thing that's mentioned in its name: it converts Microsoft Word documents to PDF. And while most similar applications come with a dedicated interface and rely on lots of configuration options, Convert DOC to PDF For Word For Pc Free Download tries to be different and integrates directly into MS Word. But although this could be regarded as a very good feature, keep in mind that you need Microsoft Word to use it, so this could very well become a major drawback as well. Nevertheless, Convert DOC to PDF For Word 4.00 For Windows 10 Download creates a special “Save as PDF” option in MS Word that lets you export the document you're working on to PDF, while also providing some customization settings to enhance the output file. You can for instance change the PDF compatibility, pick resolution and configure overprint, enable compression and adjust the settings concerning color, grayscale or monochrome images, embed all fonts and choose output folder. Of course, since it's integrated into Microsoft Word, the whole conversion is pretty fast, especially when working with small files. Things change a little bit when handling larger documents, with a minor slowdown of the system. Since it works with Microsoft Word, Convert DOC to PDF For Word 4.00 codes has no problem to run on any Windows machine that has the popular office suite, while being compatible with MS Word 2003, 2007 and 2010. Overall, Convert DOC to PDF For Word 4.00 Full Version keygen does what it says, although we've experienced slight layout compatibility issues. It works fast and, what's more, it's very easy to use by both beginners and those more experienced.

Convert DOC to PDF For Word Features:

  • It made Microsoft Word crash
  • It is easy to use
  • It requires downloading and installing an additional printer driver
  • It allows setting compression, resolution and security parameters
  • this product seems to be delightfully productive; it’s great! 😉
  • it is simple and it works. a very nice program!
Convert DOC to PDF For Word full version

Similarly, you can pick a color model from RGB, CMYK and grayscale. Likewise, various aspects affecting the size of the final document, such as a picture format and resolution, can be set. Moreover, you can protect your document by using a password and setting an encryption level. This also allows you to manage permissions related to printing the document or disallowing modifications. Convert DOC to PDF For Word 4.00 preactivated is compatible with various Office versions. It is sad to say that while I was testing the extension, it made Microsoft Word crash twice. Fortunately, when it did work, the results were excellent.

System Requirement:

  • Microsoft Word
  • no less than 128 MB application RAM
  • 30 MB hard disk space
  • screen resolution must be no less than 640×480 pixels
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author 8848SOFT, Inc
  • Last version 4.00

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