ConvertXtoDVD Full Version Registered

ConvertXtoDVD Full Version Registered

ConvertXtoDVD 7.0 precracked is a 1 click solution to convert and burn your movie files to a compatible DVD playable on your home DVD player. ConvertXtoDVD 7.0 full download supports the most popular types of video and subtitles file. Equipped with a fast and quality encoder you get excellent results quickly. The recommended settings are selected so that you get the best result possible. If you do decide to edit your videos or change any settings a live preview will help validate any editing you do to your video before the conversion. Choose fullscreen or widescreen (4:3 or 16:9) as well as your choice for NTSC or PAL.

ConvertXtoDVD full setup

ConvertXtoDVD 7.0 patched‘s compact console holds a tree view, a small but effective preview window, and a Convert button, as well as a menu bar, log view, and a suite of control icons. The other half of the program’s interface consists of a properties dialog with three rows of tabs for configuring everything from background skins to chapter headings. Briefly, we started a new project by adding video files; selecting a working directory, project priority, formats, and other parameters; and pressing Convert. The program displayed our video in the preview window, sped up by the conversion process, and automatically burned a perfectly functional DVD.

The only drawback I can mention for ConvertXtoDVD full version is that, even though it has been designed for both professional and home users in mind, it might not be very suitable for beginners, due to a number of available options and tools. In any case, I would recommend any potential user to acquire a good knowledge level about DVD standards, structures, and qualities to be able to make the most of this program’s capabilities.

ConvertXtoDVD Features:

  • Takes full advantage of your hardware capabilities
  • Includes a comprehensive video editor
  • Trial version includes watermark on ouput
  • Optimizes your source videos quality automatically
  • Includes its own disc-burning engine
  • Well, like I said…it isn’t cheap. On the other hand, I did try to do it in variety of ways that were free or less costly and they just didn’t work. This one does.
  • Have tried several products. Definitely, the best out there.
  • I have tried & used many paid & free dvd burning software & this is by far the best
  • IF YOU BURN A LOT OF VIDEOS TO DVD BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! It will save you so much time and effort, it really is that good. Fantastic! 5stars-*****
  • I purchased this in preference to several free packages (and even one commercial package, Power DVD Burning Studio), because this makes it easy to insert subtitles into a DVD. ConvertXtoDVD is easy to use, and it does exactly what I want from it. I haven’t experimented with the 30 templates yet.
  • about 1/3 of the time the DVD’s have pauses every 5 seconds (rendering them unwatchable)the menus are all very basic and all are generally the SAME menu just with different colors (for the price, nicer menus would have been appreciated)
  • soo easy to copy to dvd. has a nice sized viewing window. easy to use interface.simple
ConvertXtoDVD keygen

There are many menu templates you can choose from and make the DVD look more modern or more classic just as easy. More detailed settings allow you to configure the root menu parameters, including background audio, video or image, the chapter menu and many more. When it comes to the supported filetypes and sources, ConvertXtoDVD free offers a variety of options. It can handle AVI, DivX, XviD, MPEG4, MOV, DV, WMV and WMV HD while the input can come from digital video cameras, capture cards, TV or satellite.

System Requirement:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author VSO-Software
  • Last version

Hi, I have a problem when I convert. The DVD stops when there a two files on the disk. Can I set somethime up so the the movie will play continually. Thanks for your help and have a great day

Yes, but there is a difference between convertxtodvd 2 and 3 After you load your movies, for convertx 2 go to SETTING, followed by MENU and then check the box that says Sequential Playback. If you are using convertx 3 go to Setting, DVD Menu and check the box that says ‘Play titles one after the other’ . Its as simple as that. I do have to warn you tho, what I have found when I check those boxes, is if I have subtitles on the movies, they do not show, even tho they are on the movies. I think maybe because its reading as one long movie and the subtitles don’t fit anymore. Just a warning.

🙂 im only using trial version,how long its free?

All I can find on their website is “Most of our trial versions are time limited” but it doesn’t say how long.
Other sites offer a trial of this product that “The trial version will integrate a watermark into the DVD.” with no time limit.

Hi, I bought ConvertXto DVD7 some time ago. I lost all my programes so I’m trying to reinstall. How do I do it, can you help? Regards Bob

Hello Bob; I’m sending you the .exe to reinstall the program. Lucie from Niagara Falls Ontario
Sorry; I’m trying to copy and paste, and it doesn’t work. I have the application, If I had an attachment as in emails, it would work. You can email me at [email protected] Bob, and I will send you the attachment. Have a good corona virus break! Lucie

I am having a problem that gives me gray hair. My settings for burning without menu are set. I didn’t change any settings to burn without menu, but from time to time I am having a problem that my DVD can’t be played on my DVD player. What could be the problem? I have ConvertXtoDVD I would be very happy if I could get an answer on this problem.

This problem could be caused by a bad conversion. When you are creating a DVD the application uses certain codecs to encode the content to a playable format recognized by your DVD player. Try tweaking the output settings to match the settings compatible with your DVD player. Make sure to tweak the frame rate, resolution, DVD region, and audio codecs.

What’s new in last version:

[Bug] [VSORep] disabled emails appears on the pre-filled box
[Bug] [VSORep] closed ticket if we cannot retrieve the status
[Bug] Subtitles issue -> red subtitle with green border
[Suggestion] [HELP MENU] Change “Report a bug” to “Support Center” + icon
[Bug] Editable subtitles + Button Overlays => colours change after conversion
[Suggestion] Even if the project has been saved – it asks again when closing the software
[Bug] All VSO products not opening for no obvious reason
[Feature Request] VSO Reporting Tool is not user-friendly.
Fix HD subtitles rendering issues:
[Bug] "Check for Update" not working well
[Bug] Video sources contained in ISO files are no longer supported
[Bug] Poor quality in converted subtitles

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9 thoughts on “ConvertXtoDVD Full Version Registered

  1. Ever since i downloaded the updated version, it keeps crashing… This used to be a good app!

  2. Screen says “can not show this web page” , so I can not get on internent explorer !

  3. Fantastic program for converting Video files on to DVD. It’s quick, with an easy interface and provides top quality results. The creation of DVD menus is also very efficient creating functional results

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