Copernic Agent Personal 6.20 Build 763 Free Crack

Copernic Agent Personal 6.20 Build 763 Free Crack

To summarize, Copernic Agent is an excellent product, which will help you find whatever you are looking for in the Web. Even beginners will be able to use it without much trouble so it is a program I truly recommend. However, I would certainly have liked it to have a preview panel for the results instead of needing an external browser. Copernic Agent Personal 6 Full Version keygen will help you perform effective Internet searches

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Once the scanning operation is done, you can view results in the main frame and sort them by score, title, excerpt, address, found or visited date, search engine, or in ascending order, with the most or least relevant item being on top. It is possible to verify and remove broken links, organize categories, search within the results, save webpages, send the search results via email, as well as import/export and backup/store data.

In addition, you create custom categories or install new ones. Once the results are available, they will be automatically ranked according to their relevance. However, you can change the ordering criterion from a list including title, excerpt, address, date found, date visited or search engines. Further actions are possible at this point. For instance, you can perform a search within the results, save the pages for offline viewing, filter the results or use a link to an external program (Copernic Summarizer) to summarize the contents.

Copernic Agent Personal Features:

  • It targets results from multiple search engines
  • It is free
  • It has multiple functionalities
  • I would have liked it to have a preview panel
  • It saves pages from offline viewing
  • It eliminates duplicates and checks broken links
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One of the advantages of this application is that it saves your searches so that you can get back to them at any moment and receive instant results. This works as a detailed search history to which you can even customize folders and sub-folders. These saved searches can be viewed, managed and updated when necessary. There are various editions of Copernic Agent. The differences among them are the result of the number of available categories. The commercial versions, for example, offer around 125 categories and give you access to more than 1200 search engines. In turn, Copernic Agent Personal 6 full version setup (free edition) is fully functional and offers several features, such as keyword spell-checking and results filtering.

System Requirement:

  • Pentium 120 MHz
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 15 MB of disk space
  • Browser required: Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author Copernic Inc.
  • Last version 6.20 Build 763

7 thoughts on “Copernic Agent Personal 6.20 Build 763 Free Crack

  1. Not enough users are commenting on it to date to bring out its true worth. I tried it, and found it to be worth while for its personal touch.

  2. Slow as a snail or a 200 year old turtle!!!! Previous version was much better this new one is horrible!

  3. I downloaded it specifically to remove the about:blank hijacker. It did not work and I now have a number of new adware problems that I didn’t have before downloading and running Adware Away. My desktop has now been hijacked and all my favorites have been replaced. As instructed in their refund policy, I did a global scan and tried to submit it to tech support but my emails kept coming back as undeliverable. The company will not honor their advertised 7 day money back guarantee. I requested my guarantee within 2 days of purchase but they said they “disagreed” with the problems I was having and have denied my refund.

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