Dance Music Player free download

Dance Music Player free download

Download Dance Music Player Full Version key – A fully-featured audio player designed for touch screens that allows you to manage your music collection using playlists and databases All in all, Dance Music Player reg keys might be an audio player addressed to touchscreen devices, but it still needs some improvements when it comes to the way it looks. It has to be more intuitive and more user-friendly, especially because it offers such a long list of features.

Dance Music Player Free Download Activator

The program’s interface is optimized for a professional DJ: it has touch-screen support, eliminating the need for input devices like mouse or keyboard; in addition, the skin of the program is mainly black, which makes it easier to use the program in dark places (like dancing halls). The program also offers a sound equalizer, but it has only two presets only (for dance and rock styles) and isn’t quite versatile in general. The trial version of this program only works for 20 minutes, and then it will expire.

Dance Music Player 2.0 For Pc Free Download is an audio player supposed to be used on touchscreen devices, offering all the features you expect from such an app and much more. You may get lost in the interface when you first launch the program, so it takes a while to figure out which feature is which, but Dance Music Player full setup actually provides a very nice set of tools. While it provides the same volume and playback controls as many other audio players out there, Dance Music Player 2.0 free full download also lets you perform speed adaptation by adjusting pitch, measures per minute (MPM) and BPM. Once you start playing a new MP3, Dance Music Player 2.0 full version with keygen download free opens a new window to control the playback, while also providing a dedicated option to play the song with an external program. The main window is being used to display ID3 tag information, such as artist and title, duration, BPM, MPM and pitch, album and filename details. Additionally, the program supports manual and automatic cross fading, while also sporting separate main window controls for switching from headphones to speakers. With multiple options to set up and manage MP3 databases, Dance Music Player keygen comes with a rather decent configuration screen that lets you set up the main window, columns and rows style, but also fade times, folders, security and player output. It's not a resource hog, but Dance Music Player serials needs an average amount of hardware resources to work properly, while it runs just fine on all Windows flavors. Dance Music Player 2.0 Full Version Full Crack is an MP3 player intended for audio DJs A fully-featured audio player designed for touch screens that allows you to manage your music collection using playlists and databases

Dance Music Player Features:

  • The equalizer only has 2 presets
  • Powerful database-related functions
  • Can read ID3 tags
  • Poorly designed interface
  • Controls multiple output devices
Dance Music Player full version crack

Dance Music Player serials is an MP3 player intended for audio DJs: it catalogs your MP3 files, keeping their records in a database, and classifies them according to artist, title, dance type, duration and other ID3 tags. This way, the program enables you to build an unlimited number of playlists, which you can then re-import and manually crossfade between different tracks. All that in addition to a great database feature of scanning your hard disk for fitting tracks. You can define the dance type for each track manually, choosing from many predefined categories, and also modify the rating of selected titles. The program’s settings panel enables you to control which ID3 fields to display, as well as set a password to lock the program, and configure the sound output devices.

System Requirement:

  • 2 Cores with 1.5GHz
  • 2024 MB RAM
  • 1024×768 Pixel or higher
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • WDM DirectSound compliant driver (no ASIO)
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author AudioMoves
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

Fix in Windows 8.1 Support
Fix regarding the use of master database
New buttons in DanceType Selection, PopupPlayer and TrackView
New context menu in TrackView
Windows 8.1 Support
Changes to licence model and player layout
Improvements in open playlists
Customizing of History Playlists
Copy playlist with tracks to e.g. folder or USB
Small improvements
Bug fixing and new dialogs
Compact the database at regular intervals
Added use of defined directory during for im- and export

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22 thoughts on “Dance Music Player free download

  1. Who could ask for amything more than is already included? There was hardly any useful utility left out. However, if I were to make a suggestion, it might be to have an additional tool that would address connectivity issues, e.g. a command for clearing the DNS, etc. It is extremely difficult for anyone to come up with anything negative after using this software.

  2. They claim that they do not have the ability to re-activate the software should your computer crash or if you need to do a clean install on your system for any reason. They simply prompt you to purchase the program ALL OVER AGAIN!!

  3. The trial version only fixes 24 errors. They don’t have any trust in their product. If it fixed all 659 errors, I would want it to fix all future errors.

  4. when I open a p65 file the 8009:16404 error will be displayed and that file could not be opened.

  5. Fails every time it’s installed. I’ve followed Adobe’s instructions to the letter, visited their FAQ, used their special uninstaller, run it three or four times, rebooting every time. The new Flash works … briefly.

  6. No cons. The free version is an excellent program to satisfy many of your video conversion needs.

  7. Started the program and it found some fault sectors but no option to skip or automatically retry/ignore the popup box.

  8. There is aa problem with the Windows Esplorer when opening Computer, Network and Control Panel icons.

  9. Even with the professional feel, it is a bit overwhelming. It also takes a while for you to learn the program

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