Dictionary .NET 10.1.7552.11 pre-Activated Free Download

Dictionary .NET 10.1.7552.11 pre-Activated Free Download

Powerful dictionary and translator compatible with Wikipedia

It also provides word suggestions for uncertain cases, and it can reference Wikipedia entries with the words that we tell it to. The program is very simple and lightweight. It’s capable of showing words in different languages even when they don’t use the same alphabet and without requiring further installation.

Dictionary .NET Full Version Serial Key

This does not detract from the program’s true beauty – the possibility of having three translations for the price of one in just seconds. Yes, they are automatic translations powered by the Google Translate, Bing Microsoft Translator, and Yandex.Translate online services, but in many instances, that is all you’ll ever need. It can translate words, sentences or full texts (subject to the limitations of each of these services), and you can edit the original text using your keyboard or Google’s virtual keyboard and request a new translation as many times as needed. If the original text is just a word, you’ll be presented not only with its equivalent in the language selected but also with synonyms, the word’s grammatical category, etc.

Why settling for one translation when you can get three and then pick the one that sounds best to you. And “sounds” couldn’t be a most appropriate term in this context, as Dictionary .NET 10.1 For Windows 10 Download not only offers you simultaneous Google, Bing, and Yandex translations into nearly 100 languages but will also let you listen to the original and translated texts using TTS technology. Surely, this small utility won’t win a prize for excellence in interface design, but it will solve your all your translation doubts in seconds in a compact GUI that requires no installation and takes up very few system resources. The background image that appears on the program’s one-window interface is, to say the least, distracting, and it may make reading the results a bit hard sometimes despite the bold colorful characters used.

Dictionary .NET Features:

  • Requires no installation
  • Performs inverse translations
  • Provides Google, Bing, and Yandex results in one single interface
  • Works with your installed TTS engines
  • Cluttered and unclear interface design
  • Simply, easy, goes so as it says
  • no at this time
  • I found no real down side to this program except that the Tray Dictionary I downloaded is easier to access and is also an excellent dictionary.
  • Easy and interpretive.
Dictionary .NET Activator Free Download

The program also offers you the opportunity to listen to the original and translated texts in the source and target languages, respectively. Note that you will need to have installed on your computer the corresponding TTS engines for both languages – otherwise, the texts will be read with a funny accent, that of the default TTS. Dictionary .NET 10.1.7552.11 Activation Key does not offer any new translation service – it is but a search aggregator that compiles the translations provided by the three leading online services, but it does it well and (in many cases) in less than a second.

System Requirement:

  • .NET Framework 4.0 or higher
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows Server 2012, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP
  • Homepage: fishcodelib.com
  • Author fish
  • Last version 10.1.7552.11

What’s new in last version:

Update Bing Dictioanry * Bing dictionary query function (7347)
Upd: Others include cumulative minor updates, corrections and optimizations (7347)
Add: Update Translation Engine ( Bing Translator * ):
Add: Add Maori language, cumulative support to 55 languages ??(7308)
Upd: Update v3 translation engine related issues (7239)
Fix: Fixed the issue that automatic conversion from simplified to traditional would not work after updating to v3 (7308)
Add: Update Yandex Dictionary * Dictionary engine:
Add: Add 3 dictionary queries of source and destination language combinations, cumulative support to 104 language combination dictionary (7239)
Upd: Update Google Translator translation engine:
Add: increase translate.google.cn domain settings (7308)
Fix: Fixed an issue that could prevent the program from being activated when the cache was abnormal (7239)

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10 thoughts on “Dictionary .NET 10.1.7552.11 pre-Activated Free Download

  1. if you’re on the site,click CHECK PLUGINS,firefox will show you every plugins you need including this ADOBE FLASH,and the necessary version you need..

  2. Program crashes frequently after attempting to catalog files; cites out of memory errors or index out of bounds. Filenames are completely ignored as well as folder systems, so if ID3 tags are not PERFECT in every single MP3 file you will get a massive horrendous mess of completely useless results. Uses outdated Windows help file system, database will not open properly without additional support in Vista or OSX. This company is apparently converting their apps to shareware, so don’t get hooked if Freeware matters to you. I would NOT pay for this.

  3. There is now a widget which opens everytime you use this app. That’s OK but when you’re finished with the capture, the widget doesn’t close. It has to be shut down manually. That’s very annoying. In the options box there is a choice to show the widget (check the box) or don’t show the widget (uncheck the box). I have unchecked it time and again and it just rechecks itself each time. There is an option to hide the widget. But then it peeks out at you with a blue streak on the left side of the screen. Too much for me.

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  5. I paid the price, installed it, and it seemed to work fine. After 3-4 months I downloaded the software update the producer suggested me to use, and I could not start the program anymore. I installed, repaired again and again – nothing. I contacted the support: after a while they informed me that I have to pay to be assisted, because they help me for free only for one month after purchase. SO: I download unfunctional update, waste my time and after they want me to pay to get it repaired. Strange policy! Is it normal according the US laws?

  6. Very basic design. Get BitComet to have real management capabilities over downloads. This doesn’t give upload to download ratios to remind you to seed or internal searching, etc.

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