Easy CHM 3.93 Build 578 Registration key

Easy CHM 3.93 Build 578 Registration key

It is also possible to configure import options when it comes to the TOC tile and icon (e.g. use full file name and the default folder icon), sorting mode (by caption or file name) and other properties (e.g. ignore empty folders, capitalize the first letter in TOC items). These settings may be restored to their default values. Easy CHM 3 serial keys allows you to add topics and subtopics, change icon properties in batch mode, sort or replace contents, as well as add keywords to the index or export them. It is also possible to preview the resulted file, along with its source code.

Easy CHM Full Version portable

A CHM file is a Compiled HTML file, a compressed file that is stored in a binary format and is used to store documentation. Create CHM is a program that allows users to create these files, which can then be used in documentation, such as helps files, ebooks and more. Create CHM help or CHM ebook files in 10 seconds with Easy CHM 3 Activation Key.Automatically create a context-sensitive html help file. Make CHM (Html Help) file just by importing folders and all sub folders, Easy CHM 3 premium will automatically generate TOC (Table of Contents) and Index Items by parsing from title / file name / text of a specific line.

Easy CHM Full Version portable can drag-drop or move multiple topics at a time. Fully Keyboard support. With the internal fast Virtual Tree, it’s very fast and stable when editing a very large TOC tree. Convert HTM, HTML, MHT, Picture and other files to CHM. Automatically create a Context-Sensitive Html Help, i. e. CHM support Context-ID. Automatically output Alias and Map files for developers to use. EasyCHM can save/load project file, it’s easy for the content developers for documentation to manage or edit their documents. Convert any CHM files to html freely. Plenty of customized options. Built-in CHM files decompiler.

Easy CHM Features:

  • CHM files are ideal for certain purposes
  • Interface is easily understandable, usable
  • The Very Well
  • The Very Well Updated on Jan 6, 2009
Easy CHM serial keys

Create CHM help or CHM ebook files in 10 seconds with Easy CHM 3 reg keys Easy CHM 3.93 Build 578 full version with crack helps to make CHM (Html Help) file by importing folders and all sub folders. Auto generate TOC and Index Items by parsing from Html title/file name/text of a specific line. Easy to use TOC editor. Fully Multi-Selection support, it’s very convenient when Moving/Replacing/Deleting/Drag-Dropping Topics and Batch change icons.

System Requirement:

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