Easy File Joiner 1.3 Full Version Registered

Easy File Joiner 1.3 Full Version Registered

Easy File Joiner 1.3 free joins not only pieces of a bigger file but also files of the same type. You will find its capacity to combine MPEG clips very useful as it does it almost instantly with no need to recode the whole movie. Nevertheless, the MPEG files need to be similar to size, format and encoding. The developers warn that this software is incapable of joining file formats that contain headers, unless when they were formerly parts of the same file. Download Easy File Joiner 1.3 reg keys – Create a single file out of multiple bits with similar configurations and formats with the help of this lightweight yet practical application

Easy File Joiner For Windows Download

Leaving a little something to be desired

Even so, from our tests we could not get a positive result of the application successfully joining MPG files, even if the files to join were similar in size, format and encoding. The repeated tests had the same result: although the output file's size and duration reflects the contents of the movies we used in the merging process, the video output was flawed.

Easy File Joiner 1.3 free full download is an application designed to help you merge multiple plain text and MPG files into a contiguous file. It proves quite useful if you want to easily join the content of several text files, such as the chapters of a manual, your mailing lists or the code for the different sections of your HTML project.

Drag files over the main window

Instead of opening each text file and making use of the Cut and Paste functions over and over again, just use Easy File Joiner 1.3 with crack and it will do all the work for you in a split-second. Load the files using the application's GUI or just drag and drop them to the workspace. Arrange them by dragging the files to the desired position and provide a name for the consolidated file before effectively joining them.

Easy File Joiner Features:

  • It is very easy to use
  • It joins MPEG files
  • It is very light
  • It cannot join files containing header information
Easy File Joiner Full Version key

Easy File Joiner 1.3 serial keys offers to help you combine files. Although joining files can be done right from the command prompt, there is no doubt that using a visual user interface will help you do it easier. In fact, this software interface is unattractive yet very easy to use. In fact, it is so easy that has only five buttons ordered according to the steps of the intended process. First, you create a list and add files by dragging files into it or using the Add files button. Then you may edit the list by dragging the file names or deleting unnecessary files. Finally, after specifying the folder and the name of the output file, you are ready to ask the software to merge the files.

System Requirement:

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  1. This vendor is non-responsive and even after purchasing, I cannot get the license key to unlock the product.

  2. Uses 100% of your procesor, though it just used 13% of your memory but it’s way too annoying when it makes your processor running at 100%…

  3. always get a message on FB to install flash player and it is so I can’t gety to some of my games. need to fix this so it works again!

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