EasyCleaner activated

EasyCleaner activated

Simple-to-handle GUI and undoing changes

EasyCleaner Full Version Full Crack's interface provides access to the main tools of the app, such as registry cleaner, duplicate files remover, unnecessary files cleaner, invalid shortcuts remover and many other great features. The application addresses beginners and experienced users alike, but there is a special function to help those uninitiated in the registry key removal game safely use the application anytime. In case something goes wrong, the changes can be reverted, by simply clicking the “Undo” button.

EasyCleaner activator

EasyCleaner 2.0 Full Version Full Crack 2.0 – A complete tool for keeping your system clean Download EasyCleaner patch – Packed with some powerful tools, this program lets you easily clean your registry, uninstall apps you do not require anymore, manage startup items and revert all your changes If you want a system optimization that improves its performance, download EasyCleaner 2.0 full version patch for free. Clean and optimize the Windows registry with EasyCleaner 2.0 patched

Main features

If you want to avoid that your computer slows down due to use, get your hands on an application like EasyCleaner full version with crack and keygen , that allows you to maintain your system in optimal conditions with a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Quick application uninstalling.
  • Optimization of the Windows Registry.
  • Deletion of duplicated files.
  • Clean cookies and temporary files.
  • View the free space on the different drives.
  • Management of the system startup.

EasyCleaner Features:

  • Very simple and useful user interface
  • To clean Internet temporary files takes a long time and keeps the system busy until it finishes
EasyCleaner Full Version Activation Code


All in all, EasyCleaner patch is a great tool especially because it is so easy to use and thanks to its “Undo” function that can repair any wrongdoings. It works very smoothly even on older computers and gives you the chance to really improve the computer performance in no time. The response time is good and our tests did not turn up any errors, hangs or freezes. A portable counterpart is also available, for those interested in bypassing the installation process, called Portable EasyCleaner 2.0 Full Crack.

System Requirement:

  • 486
  • 8mb RAM
  • Windows All
  • Homepage: personal.inet.fi
  • Author Toni Arts
  • Last version

My user account is normally a limited account. If I run EasyCleaner, I get 1228 illegal entries but cannot delete them due to not having admin privileges. If I change this account to have these privileges, then rerun EasyCleaner I get no illegal entries. Why does EasyCleaner find many more when running as a limited account user?

It’s somewhat awkward because the process should be reversed, however, there is a possibility the application is displaying false results. I wouldn’t trust it in this case. Try to use CCleaner and perform the same search operation. You can trust CCleaner because it will display the same results, even if it’s run without elevated rights.

Does Easycleaner work on Windows Vista and Windows 7?

The answer is yes. Even though EasyCleaner is an old application, it can run on Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

7 thoughts on “EasyCleaner activated

  1. I have used EasyCleaner for many years with never any problems. It has kept my computers clean of most unnecessary files.

  2. Of all the utility programs I have used over the years, Toni Arts’ Easy Cleaner is by far the best – way, way ahead of all others! Great job, Toni!

  3. Great little screen manager, either for multiple or single monitors. Allows you to use hotkeys to snap windows to convenient screen locations or move them to other screens. Wallpaper management is improved as well.

  4. This program seems to use a small footprint, which might explain why it takes a fairly lengthy time to complete its tasks; however, it does a pretty good job. Only drawback is – there has not been an update for QUITE a while

  5. This program seems to use a small footprint, which might explain why it takes a fairly lengthy time to complete its tasks; however, it does a pretty good job. Only drawback is – there has not been an ujpdate for QUITE awhile.

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