Face Off Max portable

Face Off Max portable

You can attach one of the faces in the app’s gallery, choose one from your own computer (JPG or PNG) or take a new photo via webcam. You can also use a brush to unmask the parts of the face you want revealed in the photo, adjust the size and position of the head and do some final modifications. Thus, you can rotate, flip or move the image around until you get the perfect fit. Face Off Max with crack further lets you adjust the skin coloration to match that of the body in a few steps by using three color masks. You can also add text or speech balloons as final touches to your photos. Your projects can be saved as such or as individual images, emailed to your friends or shared on Facebook. The software only supports the JPG as output format. All in all, Face Off Max cracked is a fun program that gives you plenty of options to create the perfect face swap. The software is easy to use and inexperienced users should have no problems figuring out how it works.

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Face Off Max For Pc Free Download comes with a complex gallery of body pictures, but you can also use photos from your own archive. The app provides plenty of options, so you can place your face on the bodies of famous actors such as Megan Fox, Natalie Portman, Johnny Depp, Jay-Z and Eva Longoria. You can also see how you’d look like in a bridal gown, getting your mug shot taken or replacing Shrek, Superman or even the Statue of Liberty.

Have you always wanted to see your face on a magazine cover? Do you want to appear next to your favorite actor on the poster of his next film? Now that is possible thanks to Face Off Max full download .

Intuitive and easy to use

One of the great advantages of Face Off Max serials compared to other similar software applications is how easy it is to use, because it includes a guided assistant that will allow you to choose the photos on which you want to put a face. You’ll have the possibility to choose the photograph from your own collection or from a series of templates included in the program.

Face Off Max Features:

  • Too pricey
  • Template library available
  • You cannot make any additional changes once you have reached the final stage
  • Has a single purpose
  • The results depend too much on your ability to find an exact color match
  • not good enough for the price
  • It is definitely one of my mostly-used interesting software. Very interesting, which makes me cannot uninstall it.
  • So happy I am. The software is quite fabulous. I get numbers of funny pictures just by transplanting my face to different bodies.
  • I haven’t met with any one.
  • No errors; Not a bad program.
  • Interesting…..that’s the most essential factor which attracts me.
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Much of the quality of the results depends on your ability to select the face region on the source picture and adjust face position. However, tweaking brightness and color to find the exact match is definitely the most difficult part. In this regard, it is good that the program lets you adjust tones separately. Still, probably because I did not have enough patience, I did not succeed in reaching the exact match. It would be good if future releases of the program could help you do that automatically. Finally, you can also add text bubbles.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Some bugs fixed

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11 thoughts on “Face Off Max portable

  1. Infected my browser against my deselection. Can’t find addon, program or toolbar to remove this. Taking up time. So far, this program cost me too much. I’ll uninstall it because trust is gone.

  2. Acts buggy on windows 7. Doesn’t always catch leftover folders. Doesn’t do much with leftover registry items either.

  3. I have purchased the Ion Profile Pro, when you are installing the software to your computer there are two options, I don’t remember what the first selection was ( I picked it) and the second option is to install the Audacity Version, which I did not select. Once you select the fist version you can not change it to the Audacity version. I have written to Ion but did not get a response back yet. If any one know how to add the Audacity version please let us know.

  4. Trojan Dropper.G2 was in the programme – not really what you want from protection program

  5. keeps telling me i may have malware plse scan i do and nothing found have used other prog’s to check if infected nothing found ( used kaspersky internet security 2010 and malwarebytes ) nothing found

  6. Other than it was a Demo, graphics and gameplay would get a little chopy at times. Nothing to keep me from playing. I really would of liked to make bigger military, even without any town workers.

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