FeedReader 3.14 Final Full Version pre-Activated

FeedReader 3.14 Final Full Version pre-Activated

In addition of written articles that have embeddable pictures and other visual content, the reader can also be used as a perfect companion of anyone who wants to receive instant news about new podcasts and video blogs. With the tool, those subscriptions can be effortlessly managed, enabling users to always have full oversight over their entire RSS library. This software offersthe following features: Unparalleled Functionality

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  • Compatible with the main feed formats.
  • Intelliupdate function capable of recognising the update frequency of each channel.
  • Also download attached files or that are related to the publications.
  • Tag the contents and organise them by categories.
  • Simple interface with several views available.
  • Includes filters to delimit the contents.
  • Create nested folders.
  • SSL and Unicode support.

Optimum Performance FeedReader 3 full version with crack and keygen – with its Intelliupdate features – is designed to efficiently handle even the highest volume of feeds. Additionally, it starts up and shuts down quickly, so it won’t negatively impact desktop performance. Maximum Flexibility This program supports all mainstream feed formats on market today, and will work on any computer running Windows 2000 or higher. User-Friendly Interface

FeedReader Features:

  • It’s free
  • None
  • Neat and intuitive interface
  • The Intelliupdate feature
  • Lets you easily organize and store the feeds and the articles
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The aggregator offers the broadest range of capabilities, and provides advanced, state-of-the-art features that cannot be found in any other agreggation solution. Its unique smart feed capability helps users immediately find the information that is most important and relevant to them.   Feed Reader’s interface is simple and easy-to-use. So, any user can leverage all its power and benefits, without any technical expertise. Users can select from different view modes – including the popular “River of News“ view – with just a single click, and group headlines by source, date, or tag. They can even add or remove columns from their views. Advanced Filtering

System Requirement:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer
  • Windows NT, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 2000, Windows 7, XP, Vista, XP64, Vista64, Windows 7 64
  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage: www.feedreader.com
  • Author FeedReader
  • Last version 3.14 Final

What’s new in last version:

Added twitter search feed
We upgraded to new FirebirdSQL version. This version is faster and more stable.
Fixed bug with enclosure/podcast download then using some proxy servers. Previously download progressbars were left open.
proxy configuration to welcome dialog.
Performance was added internaly because we eliminated some functionalities in RSS engine (Newsbrain) that were not needed in standard Feedreader.
Added a /debug parameter that can be used to debug Feedreader in case of problems.
Fixed some bugs with chunked download
Added experimental feature – "Add new article" to Feedreader. You can now add new articles or edit existing articles. It's not only true about Feedreader articles – you can copy article text (HTML) from Internet Explorer or even from Word and paste it to Feedreader and save as article. This is good for gathering information to your own "knowledge base".

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8 thoughts on “FeedReader 3.14 Final Full Version pre-Activated

  1. This is one of the best mp3, wav players especially if you enjoy being able to see the lyrics to the song that is playing. Has just enough bells and whistles. Skin able, equalizer, supports playlists, tag editor, tag viewer, repeat on/off, shuffle, desktop lyrics bar.

  2. I am so sick and tired of hearing the PDF creation scam!
    All this program does is CONVERT a document into a PDF using the print command.
    A true PDF CREATOR is a program where you can write the text, insert bookmarks, headers, footers, page numbers, security, etc, and then save that document as a COMPLETE PDF.
    Programs which “create” PDFs using the print command only create an IMAGE of a document, but not a true full featured PDF.

  3. Do not use this program, it will hog all of your computers resources and constantly bug you about updating. Even if you shut off the auto updater, it somehow pops up anyway.use foxit or another pdf reader which are way better than the original crap.

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