Free PDF Editor 1.3 free download

Free PDF Editor 1.3 free download

Free PDF Editor is a lightweight Windows program that lets you easily create PDF files with the aid of custom text messages, images, and geometrical shapes.

The advantages of being portable

Since this is a portable program, it is important to mention that it doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry. You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you need to generate PDFs from scratch on the breeze, without having to go through installation steps.

Simple looks and configuration settings

The user interface of the tool is standard. You can insert text, images (e.g. GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, ICO), rectangles and ellipses.

Free PDF Editor For Windows 10 Download

PDF writer and creator
This is one completely free and simple PDF editing and creating software. It can help you to create PDF documents by yourself in minutes! No need for any complex setting and knowledge about the format, it’s very handy and easy to use. But you can also change text font and alignment, font size, and color, as well as select border color, width, and style (e.g. solid, dash, dot). In addition, you can add or delete a page, and configure page options (width and height, margin top, left, right and bottom).

Editing metadata and exporting options

Furthermore, you can change document preferences when it comes to the title, subject, author, keyword, date of creation and modification, software, page layout (single page, one column, two columns) and page mode (none, outlines, thumbs, full screen). Once you have finished your work, you can save it as a Free PDF Editor For Pc Free Download project file (in case you want to further edit it), or export it as a PDF document.


The program uses a very low amount of system CPU and memory, and we haven't experienced any kind of problems during our tests. There is also a comprehensive help file available.

Bottom line

Indeed, Free PDF Editor 1.3 Full Version license code doesn't offer you too many features or configurable advanced options, but it is a simple program that can easily create a PDF file without causing any problems. Since the tool is extremely easy to use, even by novices, we strongly recommend Free PDF Editor 1.3 activated to all users.

Free PDF Editor Serial Key

Documalis Free PDF Editor 1.3 license code is a PDF documents manipulating program with a simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to add, remove, return and reorder the pages between several PDF documents. It also allows you to add stamps, comments, graphic signatures, initials, texts on any page of the documents. A portable and intuitive application that allows users to insert and edit text messages, images or shapes and to export everything to PDF format

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6 thoughts on “Free PDF Editor 1.3 free download

  1. I prefer to do larger puzzes. There are few puzzles to choose from, and there is no ability to upload additional tilesets.

  2. Why is this program 16.4MB? When I had it installed it used up 60MB on my PC! What for!?!? I’ve never bothered to try to work out what use it’s special functions are for the average PC user… all I know is that for opening PDF’s, you should download a PDF Reader, not Adobe Reader. It is well known that with each new release of Adobe it gets fatter, slower, and persistantly bugs you to download more and more updates. Updates for what? Why? I use Foxit Reader. It is a 1MB download! You don’t even have to install it. Foxit will open any PDF documents and allow you to view it very easily, with a nice clean interface, in a matter of seconds. Adobe can take minutes to load on slow machines, is full of bloat, uses way too much RAM, and is a massive download for what should be a small & simple program. It’s a shame that PDF format has become Adobe format. Most people aren’t aware that there are alternatives. I’d strongly recommend you uninstall this & get FoxIt Reader. MUCH better.

  3. The knuckle-heads who wipe all their files render their computer useless. 🙂

  4. Do you own stock in a CD company since this doesn’t record to DVD’s unless you have some other software like Ahead InCD or Roxio DirectCD. You have to format the DVD first then back up. The other option is to back up to a hard drive then use another program to burn to a DVD. But then, when you use the Acronis emergency boot disk, it won’t read the DVD’s. What a disappointment especially after the great review by CNET.

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