FreeProxy 4.10.1751 Full Version portable

FreeProxy 4.10.1751 Full Version portable

The graphic user interface of the application is called FreeProxy registered Control Centre. As the program runs as a service, there is no need to keep the “Centre” open. It is just used when you need to enter configuration parameters and start or stop the program. Still, you can simply set a configuration file to control the program’s behavior without using its GUI. For inexpert users, managing the application may seem somewhat esoteric as it implies knowing multiple concepts that are mostly the domain of specialists. However, provided you know what these concepts refer to, it is quite easy to configure the program to work properly.

FreeProxy key

FreeProxy Free Crack allows you to share an Internet connection among multiple computers FreeProxy 4.10 Full Version Activation Key allows you to share a single Internet connection among multiple workstations or users. Thus, instead of connecting directly to an ISP, the computers in the local network receive the Internet service through the machine running FreeProxy 4.10 full version with keygen download free. In order to make it work on the client computers, there is no need of installing any other applications; however, web browsers need to be configured accordingly.

The `Define / Change Proxy Service` window of FreeProxy registered requires you to choose the `Protocol` of your server from numerous options such as HTTP / POP / SMTP / Telnet / FTP / Socks or NNTP Proxy. You can also select the `Client Port`, the Local and Remote binding of network cards as well as IP address. Additional HTTP options are available for further customization – `Use PASV with FTP over HTTP` and `Use HTTP Authentication`.

FreeProxy Features:

  • It is small
  • It is easy to use
  • It is easy to install
  • It allows restricting access to given sites
  • It is free
  • It lets you create or import users and groups
FreeProxy Full Version portable

For website filtering purposes, FreeProxy 4.10 full version with crack offers the possibility of specifying Ban Lists, create categories and redirects. This increases the security of your network as a whole, by rejecting those requests that may jeopardize the level of protection for individual computers. The application can also run in service mode, providing better integration with the operating system. FreeProxy full version patch comprises the features to make it a rather impressive application. From user authentication, resource permissions and extensive reporting to URL / IP filtering, on-demand dialing and local port binding, this program packs a remarkable set of tools. You can take that toolbox and get creative with it – create any kind of proxy server you want. This time, nothing is impossible. Feature summary from website: * Internet connection sharing with demand dialling FreeProxy 4.10.1751 Full Version pre-Activated shares your Internet connection with the computers on your local network. Download FreeProxy 4.10 full version with keygen download for free and manage Internet access without a router

System Requirement:

I just use FreeProxy a lot, but I guess it’s not compatible with Windows 8.1. It has some bugs. Could you suggest another program that does the same job?

You are right, the problem is that the application hasn’t been updated since 2010. Try setting the compatibility to Windows 7 or Windows XP. In most of the cases, this could greatly enhance its functionality. Hotspot Shield is a good alternative.

What’s new in last version:

Fix: Corrected version information being displayed by the control centre.
Ignore the message in the popup box "The version of the config file just loaded has been adapted from a previous version… program path". No conversion is necessary. This message is displayed because the freeproxy detected an older version in the file you have loaded. To avoid further occurrances of this message, save the file.
Change: Increased number of local IP addresses to 300
Fix: Various fixes
New: SMTP and POP servers
Fix: ISAPI extensions – various bug fixes. Works with Mambo and Gallery2
Fix: 100% CPU when checking IP addresses in the banlist or whitelist
Fix: Removed 2second delay when posting. Speeds up batch processing of HTTP 'POST's
Fix: SOCKS5 not forcing authentication when the "Must Authenticate" check box is checked.

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  2. Downloaded the game but also the Bing Bar,Weatherbug,and Windows Live ID with out prior knowledge or opt-out.

  3. I received an email stating that I would receive a registration code within 12 hours. Over a week later, no code was sent and the company refuses to answer emails. Don’t fall for the scam, just download the free version and install as required.

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