Funny Voice 1.4 Full Version license code

Funny Voice 1.4 Full Version license code

Evaluation and conclusion

As we expected, Funny Voice 1.4 pre-Activated does not put a strain on PC performance, since it runs on low CPU and memory. It has a good response time and actually worked smoothly on Windows 7 in our tests, although it has not been updated for years. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that all users will be able to run the app on modern systems. Taking everything into account, Funny Voice setup is a simple and fun way to play with the voice's pitch, but it's functionality is limited, OS compatibility is questionable, and software development has ceased.

Funny Voice full version

Funny Voice 1.4 Full Version Full Crack is a lightweight, portable and very old software application designed as a fun way to enable users to change the pitch of their voice via the microphone. It does not include complex features or configuration settings, so it can be used even by those with no kind of experience in voice modulators.

Portability perks

As there is no setup pack involved, you can save the executable file to any part of the hard disk and just click it to run. There is also the possibility to save Funny Voice 1.4 full version with crack to a USB flash disk or similar storage unit, in order to run it on any PC with minimum effort and no previous installers. An important aspect worth taking into account is that the program does not modify Windows registry or create additional files on the disk without permission, thus leaving no traces behind after its removal.

Record your voice, change it into funny tones with Funny Voice with crack, really entertaining and amusing Funny Voice 1.4 full version setup is a great and fun tool for recording your voice and changing it into funny ways. It is very user friendly and easy to use. You can sound like a chipmunk, an alien or a robot. The pitch of the voice can be changed according to your liking; a higher pitch may end up making you sound like a smurf, while a lower pitch may give you a deeper voice.

Funny Voice Features:

  • Uses few system resources
  • Easy installation
  • Unsophisticated interface
  • Low quality voice distortion
  • Limited usefulness
  • It does work
  • “A computerized version of a toy available in every Toys ‘R’ Us”… Huh? I’m not sure what that has to do with this software, but I’ve spent some time with audio software and can appreciate the stable, hassle free interface that most other voice software can’t touch. The partial install was mentioned, which means no added audio device drivers to contend with inside the PC settings department. This software is called “Funny Voice”, which means your voice will not sound like Mariah Carey…it will sound funny.
  • this is free, I like it
  • bewfdgfd
Funny Voice free

A computerized version of a toy available in every Toys ‘R’ Us, this download changes the pitch of people’s voices as they talk into a microphone. This is hardly an ambitious task, but even so, we weren’t particularly impressed with the results. The voice distortion seemed unnecessarily high pitched, and the software’s interface somewhat amateurish. However, we did appreciate the small size of the program, and the fact that it doesn’t require a full installation. It can certainly produce a few minutes of fun, but anyone seeking a pitch-shifting application for music, recording, or other serious purposes should look for a more powerful audio tool.

System Requirement:

11 thoughts on “Funny Voice 1.4 Full Version license code

  1. You have so many download buttons for the advertisements that I don’t know what button starts the download for the software that I was looking for. You need to mark the download buttons better.

  2. Beyond explanation ! I clicked on tool and my life flashed before my eyes! 300 items popped out at me and all I wanted to do was increase the fonts?? I accidentally rolled over translate and up popped every language ever spoken on reath???

  3. Terrible Interface that’s confusing and poorly designed.
    Backups are EXTREMELY slow…4+ hours to backup 30MB Outlook pst file as compared to using Goodsync which backed up 54GB in one hour.
    Restores are hit and miss which gives you no confidence.

  4. It is poorly made and quickly starts to slow down and eventually won’t load at all. For me this took two weeks, for others as long as a month or two.

  5. Huge program to install. Takes almost 700 MB. That’s ridiculous.

    I don’t know what they have done to the menu bars, but the need to undo it. They just look “plain”. Openoffice has them beat hands down on looks. And when it comes to what one likes about a program, looks play a big part.

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