GreenForce-Player 1.20 Build 2246 reg keys

GreenForce-Player 1.20 Build 2246 reg keys

Protect your files with a password

One of the most noteworthy features of GreenForce-Player 1.20 Build 2246 keys is that it can encrypt both video and audio, by means of the same application. Thus, the videos will only be able to be played by means of the pre-established password. To do so, GreenForce-Player 1 Full Version Registration Code creates its container format and encrypts it. Thus, you will be able to protect those videos that you don’t want anyone to see.

Main features

GreenForce-Player 1 full version crack is an ideal tool to play videos on your computer. A simple, free and comfortable player. Don’t think twice and download GreenForce-Player patch .

  • Supports that majority of current formats.
  • Has support to play videos via streaming.
  • Several viewing modes.
  • Doesn’t require administrator privileges to be installed and launched.

GreenForce-Player Registration key

GreenForce-Player 1 pin is an portable alternative media player, with many additional functions. One of these functions is to protect media files. You can encrypt your audio and video files with a password and protect them against screenshots. An other very interesting function is the coverflow. Last but not least, there is a cache system that is used to reduce usage of your hard disc. This software has been developed for Windows. It was tested with Windows XP, Vista and 7. GFP is easy to use and therefore ideal for beginners. However, there are also advanced functions for professional usage. You can use GFP also as video encryption tool for free in commercial projects.

But you can also load streaming media from URL, create, import and save playlists, access the most recently used files, play an audio CD or video DVD, view cover art, save the media position, enable visualization mode (waveform, frequency or white light), as well as enable GreenForce-Player patch to stay on top of other processes. When you set a password to protect a file, you can also edit tags (title, album, interpreter and comment), add a cover file, input the codec name, disallow screenshots and enable an expiration date. Plus, you can delete stored passwords. GreenForce-Player 1 For Windows Download requires a moderate amount of system resources, includes a brief help file with snapshots, supports three log levels (none, error or debug), multiple instances and several languages for the interface, and can automatically check for updates online. We highly recommend GreenForce-Player 1 Full Version Registration key to all users who prefer a straightforward software which manages to deliver excellent features.

GreenForce-Player pin

An alternative media player with the function to encrypt and protect media files GreenForce-Player 1 full version with keygen download free is an portable alternative media player GreenForce-Player 1 license code is another interesting alternative to the multimedia players we already know. This open source player allows you to play a large amount of formats, it has a simple and clear interface, and as a more interesting innovation, allows you to protect your videos with DRM. If you are looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use player, GreenForce-Player 1 portable has all these features, and furthermore, it’s free.

System Requirement:

  • 10 MB free space
  • Windows 2003, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author RocketRider
  • Last version 1.20 Build 2246

What’s new in last version:

Added: Parallels Workstation detection
Added: Change icon of created standalone executable
Added: Create machine ID of current machine
Added: Greek language
Added: Portuguese language
Added: Italian language
Added: Bulgarian language
Added: Russian language
Added: Serbian language
Added: Swedish language
Added: new small default skin
Added: commandline parameter for the standalone exe
Added: Sample icons
Added: GFPCrypt C# sample
Added: VNC Protection
Improved: Screencapture protection by checking the Clipboard
Improved: Windows 8 support(RTM)
Improved: Screenshot protection
Improved: English language
Improved: Spanish language
Improved: French language
Improved: Nederlands language

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7 thoughts on “GreenForce-Player 1.20 Build 2246 reg keys

  1. Awesome video player, Allows you to add DRM to your video files to protect them from being viewed.

  2. In over 30 years of dealing with computers, I would rate this software as having the worst customer assistance I encountered. The free coverage is so short you are not likely to encounter a problem before it runs out. I wrote Acronis about the short term and they replied it is the “industry standard”. Strange in 30 years I never had software before with that industry standard. Service is basically a pay per incident and the website makes it confusing what you have to pay. It seems to be “We try to solve the problem and then we tell you how much you owe.”

  3. Fails repeatedly, GUI gets more screwed up with each version. Support:During the free 30 days they take over a week to respond and even then its clear they haven’t read what you sent or made any attempt to understand the problem

  4. Nice themes, but doesn’t work for some systems don’t know why. Else it’s a good themeing software and superb alternative to WindowBlinds.

  5. CRASH CRASH and CRASH i did all my work tried out new things and bla bla bla. Boom it crashed. Start over again. SO I had to keep saving after every button press not to lose my work again. You start a new paragraph and start writing and boom crash. I do not have time to play games and keep restarting it. I want my money back!!!!!!!

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