IMMonitor Yahoo Messenger Spy 2.2.8 Registration key

IMMonitor Yahoo Messenger Spy 2.2.8 Registration key

Download IMMonitor Yahoo Messenger Spy Full Version Serial Key – Prevent confidential info from being leaked and keep network conversations under close watch with this app that records Yahoo! Messenger conversations IMMonitor Yahoo Messenger Spy 2.2.8 Full Version Activator is a packet sniffer. It allows you to read what other users on your home network are sending using Yahoo Messenger. It uses WinPCap to analyse and capture all the packets that go through your network and it displays only packets that contain Yahoo Messenger chat messages.

IMMonitor Yahoo Messenger Spy license code

The first thing the application does is scan your subnet to see which computers are active and it displays them all in a drop-down list. From there, you select the computer that will be the target of your spying. From the moment you start the capture of packets, messages that are detected will start appearing on the application. The packets captured by this sniffer are formatted so that you only see where the messages are from, the time and the content of the message.

Intercepts incoming and outgoing messages

When connection related options are done, hitting the “Start” button makes the application wait for incoming and outgoing messages. You can also minimize it to system tray so that it does not take up desktop space, and even secure it with a password if used on the same computer.

Have logs sent to your email account

What's more, the application can be set to automatically have conversations recorded from the moment Windows is launched, and even sent via email to your personal account. Ticking an option automatically clears all recorded data after the email is sent, with the possibility to carefully set days when to capture and send logs.

IMMonitor Yahoo Messenger Spy Features:

  • Sends recorded information to email
  • None
  • It works well
  • No stealth mode
  • Easy-to-use interface
IMMonitor Yahoo Messenger Spy patch

IMMonitor Yahoo Messenger Spy Full Version Registered is an easy remote method of monitoring, blocking or recording Yahoo Messenger conversations and chatting. It remains in use until closed by you. Because there is no client software installed on the remote computer, there is no possibility of users being aware that they are being monitored. Instant messaging applications are used in nearly any environment. These greatly enhance communication, especially in teams or businesses. However, confidential info can also easily leak without anyone guessing. Luckily, IMMonitor Yahoo Messenger Spy serial keys lets you record conversations from your computer or any other connected to the same network as you.

System Requirement:

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  1. plz mess. me asap.. is there a program that can change the network adapter.. so that i can detect the ip address of the one i chatted?

  2. can this be use if your chatmate is on the other country? cause i think this program is for LAN only..

  3. Why use this, when you can keep a history of all conversations in the prefrence settings of yahoo messenger itself.

  4. No Company Support
    Paid my money and never received License Code
    Demo Mode limitations limit usefullness but. . .
    Company doesn’t respond to license code or trial requests

  5. It only has a 30-Day trial subscription from here. However, if you have a friend who’s good with computers, you can get it for coughfreecough. hahaha.

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