IP Hider 4.95 registration keys

IP Hider 4.95 registration keys

On more than one occasion you just might need to maintain your anonymity when it comes to browsing the Internet, thus needing to use an application that will allow you to change your computer’s IP.

Discover how to browse the Internet anonymously

IP Hider Full Version Registration Code is an application that will not only allow you to hide your IP by means of connecting to anonymous proxies, it will also allow you to be able to clean some of the traces that you leave behind on your computer when you visit certain websites.

IP Hider Full Version Free Download

Download IP Hider full version serial keys – Clean all traces of your online activity and ensure third parties that may harm or use inadvertently information do not track you with this tool IP Hider serials‘s modern main window makes disguising your IP address a walk in the park, although your walk will be briefly delayed when you go online. The program shows a list of available proxies on a drop-down menu and then places the usable proxies onto another drop-down list once you test them. We successfully hid our IP with the program, but only with Internet Explorer. (Although IP Hider Serial Key also has Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, and Avant on the list of browsers supported, the only one available for testing is IE.) Annoyingly, you’ll have to put up with a 10-second delay when you start your browser or hit the home page button. Why? An informational page from Codeen, the proxy server system, comes up before you’re redirected to your requested destination.

The program’s interface consists of a single window, where all options are placed on the left side. At the bottom of the interface the users can choose different proxies from a list on a drop down menu, making them available to a new list, where they can be tested. IP Hider 4.95 setup is available for Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, and Avant, but the trial version only works with Internet Explorer. After testing and choosing a proxy the users can launch their preferred browser; it will take some seconds, while an informational page with the proxy server system comes up, before being redirected to the homepage or to the requested address.

IP Hider Features:

  • Hides internet activity from service providers
  • Hides your IP
  • Works with all popular browsers
  • Does not work outside UK, USA, France, Germany
  • Chooses different proxies
  • Supports popular Web browsers
  • Some websites become unaccessible
  • Well, you can hide your real IP but you can also get rid of your internet while doing this. If you don’t know what are you doing, you can mess up your entire Internet connection system. Be careful!
  • nothing not that i know of
IP Hider license Key

Hides your IP address from online websites IP Hider 4.95 reg keys is a reliable application designed to help you remain anonymous while browsing the Internet, with a very easy to use interface addressed to all types of users. Basically, what IP Hider 4.95 Full Version Serial Key does is to connect to a proxy server and route all the traffic through it, which means you're completely anonymous no matter if you're browsing the web, checking the email or chatting. As said, the interface is the one that makes IP Hider 4.95 Activation Key so easy to use. The “Status” screen displays the world map and the proxy lists available for each country, with quick buttons to access the servers located in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany.

System Requirement:

  • Browser: IE 5.0 or later, Opera, Mozilla, Avant or Netscape
  • 486 CPU or higher
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 20 MB free disk space
  • Internet Connection
  • Windows All
  • Homepage: www.allanonymity.com
  • Author AllAnonymity
  • Last version 4.95

What’s new in last version:

updated traffic redirection component
updated Premium Proxy list
Traffic redirection component added
Automatically browser configuration
Updated Premium Proxy list
Updated Smart Mode
smart/advanced mode, premium proxies, all browsers support
better protection for the users and their computers while browsing the Internet, more proxies

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  1. if you’re on the site,click CHECK PLUGINS,firefox will show you every plugins you need including this ADOBE FLASH,and the necessary version you need..

  2. I couldn’t install it. It downloaded fine but wouldn’t install I deleted it and re-downloaded it a number of times but got the same error (5) telling me it couldn’t execute a file in the temprary directory and access was denied.

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