ISO2Disc 1.10 portable

ISO2Disc 1.10 portable

With the help of ISO2Disc 1.10 Full Version keygen you can seamlessly burn ISO images to CDs, DVDs, or even USB flash drives. It offers support for two partition styles: MBR (for legacy BIOS / CSM boot) and GPT (for UEFI boot), which means that it can also be used for creating bootable flash drives from Windows Setup ISO, Linux, Ubuntu, Windows PE, BartPE or other customized boot images.

Hassle-free installation and user-friendly interface

This is a straightforward and intuitive application that requires minimal user configuration. It doesn't contain complicated settings, making it accessible to casual and experienced users alike. Setting up this utility is a fast and easy job that shouldn't give you any trouble. It's wrapped in a user-friendly GUI that doesn't put emphasis on looks but it's simple to navigate.

ISO2Disc free

Evaluation and conclusion

The burning procedure didn't take a long time to finish in our tests, during which the app remained light on system resources consumption. It had minimal impact on computer performance and didn't hang, crash or prompt error messages. Although it doesn't come equipped with more comprehensive options and customization preferences, ISO2Disc registration keys offers a clear-cut solution for burning ISO images to CDs, DVDs or USB flash drives, as well as for creating bootable Windows installation or installed drives. ISO2Disc full version with crack and keygen is the best and free ISO burner software to burn your ISO image file to CD/DVD disc or USB flash drive. No skills required! Burn ISO files to your CD, DVD, Blu-ray or USB stick ISO2Disc 1.10 premium is the best and free ISO burner software to burn your ISO image file to CD/DVD disc or USB…

Burn ISO images to CDs, DVDs or USB flash drives

After indicating an ISO image, you can select the target between a CD/DVD and USB flash drive. If you choose the second option, then you can pick the partition style in order to create a bootable flash drive with either a GPT or MBR partition table, as well as select the boot disk type between creating a Windows installation USB or Windows to Go, by directly installing the operating system on the USB. Lastly, the software tool implements an option for managing drives in WinPE.

ISO2Disc Features:

  • Helps you burn ISO files to various types of external storage devices
  • Uses minimum CPU resources while burning the selected ISO file
  • Fast processing speed
  • Need a help guide
ISO2Disc Full Version Registration key

All you need to do is to select an ISO file from your local directories, choose the preferred output settings, and click the “Burn” button from the bottom side of the interface. Click the “Refresh” button if the program fails to reveal the name of the inserted external device. In my testing, the utility worked flawlessly. I used the app to burn an ISO file to a USB stick. It immediately completed the given task, without slowing down the performance of my system in the process.

System Requirement:

  • 512M physical RAM
  • A CD/DVD or USB flash drive
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 2008 32/64 bit, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author Top Password Software Inc
  • Last version 1.10

What’s new in last version:

Creating Windows To Go USB drive from Windows 10, 8/8.1 ISO image
Support for burning a bootable USB drive from Linux, Ubuntu and other boot image
Create a bootable USB flash drive with either GPT or MBR parition table

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10 thoughts on “ISO2Disc 1.10 portable

  1. Wow! I used this program to install my Windows 10 ISO file to USB with GPT partition, and it booted successfully my machine with UEFI mode. Thanks!

  2. Not really a con since this lets you know it is active but you constantly have to click update on it. Suppose this could actually be a pro as it also means it is constantly fighting junk.

  3. I have found some things that would be nice to have – being able set the font color of tool-tips and numbered lists in blocks as well as support for the wrapping of the menu bar.

  4. Doesn’t even start if one of several types of conflicting software is installed.

  5. I ordered their “one time fix”, well, first it’s a pain because you have to do a scan and send them the log file, but then the E-mail they gave me is a fake address, so basically I never heard from them and wasted my money and I still have the problem. They have no phone number and their official address also returns undeliverable.

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