MacroMaker 1.0 patched

Automates repetitive routine tasks in a system MacroMaker 1.0 Free Download Activator allows you to create macros or recordings to automate most anything that you already do by hand. MacroMaker Full Version Activation Code was written more for the use of people who regularly use computers and programmers rather than the casual PC user. Most anything you know how to do by hand can be translated into a macro or recording in MacroMaker 1.0 Free Crack. If you are having to perform repetitive tasks, this program will help you out tremendously.

MacroMaker Full Version Activation Code

Speed up regular work on a personal computer by assigning automation features to specific simple processes and actions that are regularly launched. The suite works with several categories of macro commands for keyboard, mouse, clipboard, etc. Running particular apps in normal, minimized or maximized mode is possible. Automate tasks by pushing keys into keyboard buffer, recording keystrokes and mouse events. Create Macros that do the job for you.

The user can simulate a series of keystrokes, mouse events, play back previous recordings of keystrokes and mouse events or execute some built-in functions with just a keystroke. You can even store content from the clipboard in internal MacroMaker Full Version Free Crack buffers for later use. MacroMaker 1.0 preactivated is a tool designed for users who perform repetitive tasks on their computer, since it can automatize these procedures in accordance with a custom set of rules. It is mainly oriented toward users with some minimal background in such apps.

MacroMaker Features:

  • This used to be my testing automation tool long years ago, but now it’s not
  • Causes a system hang.
  • Unlike some other automation programs I’ve tried, Macro Maker is easy to learn and it works beautifully. I made a donation to the developer.
  • Lots of functions to program.
  • Could not get this to run in Vista Biz
  • Don’t waste your time. There’s got to be better products out there.
  • I closed all progs to install, but would not load. Even re-installed, but no-go

The interface of the program is not impressive from the visual point of view, but we must take into account the fact that MacroMaker Full Version pre-Activated has not received updates for a pretty long time. A drop-down menu gives you access to several categories of macro commands, whether we are talking about the system, keyboard, mouse, Clipboard, window or data manipulation, user interface or logic control. Therefore, you can run a particular program in a normal, minimized or maximized window, by pointing out to an executable file and writing command-line arguments.

System Requirement:

11 thoughts on “MacroMaker 1.0 patched

  1. I bought this product counted on reliable product. I produced web site, but some pages didn’t work with another browsers – Firefox, Netscape etc. I contacted company, but they refused to resolve it. The HTML code is OK, but generated java scripts are unreliable

  2. the ultimate comes with anti-virus, which i don’t need. if you turn off av the program shows a”red unhappy face”. av can be turned on and it runs in compatible mode. the pro version comes without av but I got the ultimate at promo.

  3. Until recently I was able to convert any video format. Since then, it won’t convert .flv and .mkv files. The converter will start normally then bounce back and forth between the top two videos being converter and never actually do anything.

  4. This unwanted piece of software one day appeared on my desktop. This was after downloading ASC (IObit)from I kept it for a while to check out it’s usefulness. The truth is, I did not find it at all useful. It did not catch any malware that others did. It’s realtime tracking appeared to slow down my browser. (this was noticeable after uninstalling.

  5. Links to Adobes download manager which crashes Firefox everytime. No installation possible!!!!!!!

  6. God forbid you get a Weather alert that goes through a series of on to off to on again(like almost all do)..the tray dings and dings and dings each time the alert is re-instated; which could be 20 times in an hour. This software is in desperate need of a “Yes, I got don’t bother me” function. Let me know about the alert and then let me click on the tray if I don’t want to continually hear dings every time the “alert condition” is back on again. This is a big ommission in what otherwise is a great little tool.

  7. Much harder to customize tools, and impossible to put them on a toolbar, accessible with one click.
    print setup is all screwed up.
    It defaults to not being able to open PDF’s from drive other than your C drive, very big pain.

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