MWSnap For Windows Download

MWSnap For Windows Download

You can capture a fixed or selected area of your screen, a particular window or menu, or the entire desktop. You can also set the application to automatically save after capturing. Bonus features include an onscreen ruler, a desktop magnifier, a window-information tool, and a color picker. MWSnap Activation Code also lets you modify images by flipping or rotating them, and by adding a variety of frames and cursor shapes. It’s an excellent choice for everyone from casual to experienced users.

MWSnap crack

Download MWSnap with keygen – Packed with several photo editing options, this program lets you easily take snapshots of your entire screen or just part of it, as well as a selected window MWSnap activated is a great and free program to take desktop snapshots MWSnap activator is a small yet powerful Windows program for snapping (capturing) images from selected parts… This outstanding freeware application makes capturing and editing screenshot images a breeze. MWSnap free may come with an uninspired-looking interface, but it gets the job done without hassle. Its useful and very user-friendly features require no special expertise.

MWSnap Serial Key is a simple tool which enables you to capture an image from your computer. You can use it to immortalize essential parts of your projects, create tutorials and so on.

Clean GUI and methods of taking screen captures

The user interface may not be visually appealing, yet it features clear controls, thus making it easy for anyone to use, including beginners. In MWSnap 3.0 full version serial keys there are five ways to take a snapshot: on a fixed-size rectangle, on any area, on a window (or menu, or control), full desktop, or by repeating the last capture. You can access these commands in several ways – from the menu, toolbar, capture panel, or by using the assigned hotkey. Under each option you can view a quick description of the snapshot mode.

MWSnap Features:

  • It lets you capture a program window, a region or the entire screen
  • None
  • It comes with hotkeys
  • It’s free and easy to use
  • Installation is simple. Works on 32 bit and 64 Bit. Easy to access and gets the job done.
MWSnap For Pc Free Download

Packed with several photo editing options, this program lets you easily take snapshots of your entire screen or just part of it, as well as a selected window

Editing options and other parameters you can tweak

In addition to that, a nice touch to this utility is that it enables you to make minor adjustments to an image once you have captured it. To be more precise, you can rotate or flip it, add frames (simple, double, buttonize), or change the cursor (e.g. arrow, hour glass, hand point).

System Requirement:

Can I use this on a MAC computer ?

No, you can’t use it in a Mac computer because the application was developed only for Windows system. This means that in a Mac, you will need to use an alternative. For instance, SnagIT is a good example. It’s available both for Windows and Mac. It offers the same base functionality plus some extra features.

I have just installed MWSnap300 to a new installation of Windows 10. When I click on the Snap button the screen is magnified about 2 times, and much of the page is no longer accessible as it is now off screen. Am I missing something in the setup? It seems to be the same MWSnap that I have successfully used for many years, but with Windows 10 is behaving differently.

The latest version of the software is working just fine. I’ve found the official website and managed to download and install the software then used its features in Windows 10. Before starting the software I’ve also used the Compatibility mode to set the application to run with Windows XP compatibility.
Official website:

Hi Sean, thanks for your response. I can’t make out what is happening. I have uninstalled the original installation,downloaded again from the official site and installed MWSnap300 in compatibility mode XP SP2. MWSnap still behaves the same way – as soon as I click on the “Snap” button everything that was behind MWSnap is magnified. I think I’ll have to look around for another similar app that functions OK.
The only other item of interest is that when I install MWSnap under compatibility mode XP, I repeatedly receive an error message indicating “Archive is Corrupted” when I attempt to uninstall it. The only way I have found to uninstall it is to install it again without a compatibility mode and then uninstall it.

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  1. Been using Snap for years and found there are times when all you really need is THIS software. Super easy to use. Am now downloading it for my new HP. Love it.

  2. I’ve been using this for over five years now and the only “con” I can find is that I didn’t find it sooner. Thank you for this great software and for making it free.

  3. Fantastic application. I use it for many different situations and it is easy and perfect.

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