MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.14 full version patch

MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.14 full version patch

Just like its name suggests, MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.14 Full Version Registration key is a simple yet very efficient tool to help you explore your phone. It allows you to access the address book and sync it with Outlook, browse files stored on the device, manage SMS, create a backup and many other things.

Works with a large variety of phones

A thing worth mentioning is the ability to make the whole application portable, which means you can copy it on an USB drive and take it with you wherever you go. This function can be selected before the installer starts, so be sure to decide whether you want it or not before it commences.

MyPhoneExplorer Activation Key

You can manage your complete phone using this software. You can handle your phone from your PC which make phone usage very interesting. It make the phone working fast and easy. You can manage messages of all kind, address book. Using this software you can browse using cache system while transferring minimum data. While using this software you can mange your calls through your PC and can perform various functions. MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.14 serial keys is simple and efficient software that help you to explore your phone. It allows you to browse files that are stored on your device. It also helps you to create a backup.

MyPhoneExplorer pin works with more than 700 mobile phones, including Android devices, so we've tested it with a K700, a pretty old-school phone, and everything worked just fine. In addition, we've tried the portable version and once again it performed flawlessly.

Save your contacts, logs, notes, and more

It covers the basics of phone management by providing access to both phone and SIM contacts, call logs, calendar, notes or alarms. MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.14 Full Version serial code also brings message maintenance capabilities to the table, as well as vital file management. Profile, Monitor and Memory status can also be accessed and configured.

MyPhoneExplorer Features:

  • It´s the best Sony Ericsson sync tool
  • Symbian compatibility enhancement
  • Provides effective backup for mobile’s data
  • Several bugfixes
  • Freeware
MyPhoneExplorer portable

To end with

That being said, you can't be anything but pleased after using MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.14 Full Version Registered and in case you own one of the mobile phone models supported by the app, be sure to have this one installed. There is also a portable edition available. MyPhoneExplorer 1.8 Full Version keygen is a program developed to manage different aspects of mobile phones manufactured by Sony Ericsson. The application has a very simple interface, that will allow us to access the different functions from an appealing sidebar.

All the program’s possibilities

The application allows us to manage our contacts, view the call list (made, received and lost calls) and edit the messages stored on the phone. It is also possible to modify calendar events and configure the alarms, as well as changing the configuration of the phone’s several notification profiles.

System Requirement:

  • Android or Sony Ericcson mobile phone – connected to the PC
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Homepage:
  • Author FJ Software
  • Last version 1.8.14

I’m using MyPhoneExplorer version 1.8.8. and I clicked on “Delete passed events” by accident. How do I remove the delete flags on all passed events before I delete all my appointments?

As far as I tested, the MyPhoneExplorer needs a connection to work properly. There is only one way to prevent the notes from being deleted: don’t sync it to your phone. Therefore, avoid phone/device connection and then close the application and reopen it again. Even if you marked the items for deletion, it won’t happen unless you synchronize it with your phone.

What’s new in last version:

MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.13 which was released
Message sync is completly rewritten, now also with MMS support
Access to Outlook 64bit rewritten – much faster
Filesync rewritten – also much faster now
New thumbnail view mode for filebrowser
Adaptions for Android 10
Much smaller changes and bugfixes
Filebrowser completly rewritten, much faster on large folders
Automatic file preview for images and videos
Full unicode support for all textfields
Adaptions to Android 9
Many bugfixes
Serious sync problem with Outlook fixed (caused through Windows Update 1809)
Some Bugfixes
Compatibility with Thunderbird 60
Better handling for email fields in contacts
Some bugfixes
Filetransfer was completly rewritten, now up to 5 times faster
Import/Export for vCard V3
some adaptions for Android Oreo
many bugfixes
Sync for contacts and notes with plain vCard/vNote-files (local or on a remote server)

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41 thoughts on “MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.14 full version patch

  1. And most of all it’s very small, really the opposite of what is sometimes called ‘bloatware’.

  2. This isn’t Sesame Street, my names not Oscar and Garbage is just ugly old stinky gargage Acronis.

  3. This version (1.7.3) seemingly does not search Unicode filenames – so entire directories will be silently ignored if they have non-ANSI characters.

  4. If you are in the middle of a large pdf file, close Reader, and then reopen, you’re back at page one.

  5. Waste of time. If you give it a file of emails, it LOSES some and doesn’t tell you. Then it just didn’t work, asking me to map something to fields like Country and others, when all I wanted was to see if emails were vald.

  6. The text was unnesessary but not a big deal and some of the effects take a long time for the new picture to appear.

  7. 1.) I couldn’t see ANY FILES in scan results, ONLY folders/subfolers, although found file types were listed throughout the scan. I selected 5 folders to download. They downloaded as blank folders, except one .exe file in a folder
    2.) I called the 1-888# to ask if this was a bug. The Indian guy anxiously asked me 5 times if he could remotely login to my computer. I replied that he shouldn’t have to remote in to assess the problem. He then said he couldn’t help but advised me to call back in the morning. So I called back and the next Indian guy insisted on remoting in. He immediately went to “event viewer”–> “custom views”–> “admin events”, which listed several “warning” and “error” events and exclaimed “OH YOU HAVE SO MANY VIRUSES!” I called his BS b/c I’m an engineer and knew that these “events” WERE NOT VIRUSES. Event descriptions proved that most were from ADR (NOTE I tried 4 other data recovery sw before this and NONE made these “events”) and the rest were low HD space warnings.

  8. The trial only gives you 50% conversion which makes the trial completely pointless, but I can say it’s worth the $$ to just go ahead and buy it if you are looking for an easy way to convert your avi’s and burn them to dvd.

  9. It has nothing to offer that you can’t find with free ware. Don’t waste your money on this version. It is NOT like Arcsoft’s Previous Photostudio. It is simplified and is missing many of the old features that made it an okay substitute for Adobe Photoshop.

  10. When it found some unwanted programs, it removed the entire containing folder – not just the unwanted program itself. Subsequently, I had to do a system restore to get the programs back. Be careful with what you leave unchecked.

  11. An outstanding application for fans of movies and for those who have collections of films.

  12. Rouge anti-malware program. 🙁 It saids… first class trojan scanning engine? Now what rogue company doesn’t exaggerate? Programs that disable clean like Systweak blows.

  13. This program does not seem to allow Tuneup Utilities 2008 to work as fast as previously, especially when Tuneup is doing a one click scan. Maybe there is a compatibility problem here.

  14. I have 2 eRewards Notify icons in the system tray; but the uninstaller can’t find the program and delete one of them. It’s not in Windows’ Programs and Features either.

  15. It crashed the first time I tried to open it. Very unstable program. In fact, it won’t open at all.. Fail.

  16. Limited version is free but they constantly remind you to get and use ALL the features, you need to buy the pro version.

  17. 1. Not happy to find it is a yearly subscription
    2. While using the program to update my drivers, my hard drive crashed and in spite of trying to repair or restore, I could not revive it and lost several weeks of files and photos. (Be sure to do a backup before using this program as the software and common sense warns). Can’t be sure I can blame the program for my drive crashing but suspicious. The drive is just over 3 years old.

  18. Loaded my browsers with add ons, including something called Info Atoms that I can’t even seem to uninstall via add/remove programs. Also changed my default search to Bing 🙁

  19. There are a couple things I noticed trouble with. I put in an older DVD and the quality was far worse than when I view it with other players.
    On blu-ray disc, there was no title menu to go to, so you couldn’t navigate naturally, but it DID go straight into the movie if that’s all you’re really there for.

    NO SUBTITLES OFF? I really don’t want to watch a movie with subtitles, please make an OFF option available.

  20. Not as intuitive as it’s fewer feature version, Launchpad. The program has some catches to setting up properly working scripts, but the power of this application compensates for the flaws.

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