Paint XP 1.5 Full Version Activation Key

Paint XP 1.5 Full Version Activation Key

Packed with the same useful tools and options this is the MS Paint application before Windows 7 introduced the ribbon to its interface Download Paint XP serial code – Packed with the same useful tools and options this is the MS Paint application before Windows 7 introduced the ribbon to its interface If you're an avid computer user, you probably know that one of the main changes in Windows 7 was the introduction of the Ribbon interface in the popular Paint tool.

Good ol’ interface

That is why you may find MS Paint XP 1.5 premium quite a handy utility, as it brings the old-school Paint tool back, working just fine on Windows 7 too. The real good thing is that all features are still there, so Paint XP 1.5 full version with crack and keygen can easily take the place of the revamped Paint tool on your Windows 7 machine, offering exactly the same goodies as the older versions.

Paint XP serials

Paint XP 1.5 keys uses the same resources as the embedded Paint program. That means it shares the same recent documents, but that’s about it. Of course, the old interface also bears the old tools. There are no movable lines or anything fancy that you might have grown accustomed too in the modern versions of Paint. Still, if you’re longing for for limited functionality, then Paint XP registeration keys might be up your alley. On good thing is that you can keep it open along side with the current Paint program and experience its archaic nature in contrast with modernity. Your choice.



Paint XP key is pure nostalgia. Even the most casual user would clearly prefer the more modern incarnations of Paint if not opt for some third party software. PS: Refuse getting an update when prompted. All it will do is direct your to download it again but at the cost of giving a free Facebook like.

  • Classic MS Paint

Performance and evaluation

Obviously, Paint XP 1.5 registered runs on very low resources and does not affect system performance at all, working just fine not only on Windows 7, but also on all the other Windows versions on the market. Still, it is clearly a tool addressed to Windows 7 users who are not quite impressed with the Ribbon interface of the new Paint version. Overall, Paint XP 1.5 Full Version Free Crack is an oldie but goldie that works flawlessly on Windows 7 and comes to lend a hand to all users who wish to perform simple photo editing tasks without the need for the Ribbon look. One of the major look changes of the new MS Paint was the introduction of the ribbon interface. Some people liked it, some hated it. Since Microsoft offered no solution to get rid of it and return to the old MS Paint look and feel, Paint XP 1.5 activator had to be invented. Paint XP reg keys is nothing else but the old MS Paint application as we all know it from Windows XP and other older Windows editions.

Paint XP Features:

  • Free
  • Small, neat and lightweight
  • Keeps the newer version of MS Paint untouched and can be run next to it
  • None
Paint XP free download

There’s not much to say about this tool, as it doesn’t offer anything new than the well-known features of the old MS Paint: the same brushes, the same color palettes, the same editing functions, and the same supported file formats. Since it will be installed separately, it can be used next to the new MS Paint tool without any problem. In conclusion, if you feel like sticking to the old Paint on your newer Windows system, get Paint XP 1.5 serial code and that’s it. Run the old XP design for the Microsoft Paint interface

System Requirement:

  • Last version 1.5

What’s new in last version:

Added Paint 98

Paint XP 1.1 keys

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  1. This is great. When you download the program you’ll receive a warning that the publisher is not verified, no problem. It is safe. If you would rather use the XP Paint program instead of the newer one, this is it and the download is easy and super fast. Thank you.

  2. Whatever it’s called, I love it so much that I would want to spend the whole afternoon. But how do you download it?

  3. I love this software; it’s a shame you couldn’t mix colours together such as red and blue.

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