PhotoScape 3.7 license Key

PhotoScape 3.7 license Key

View pictures and edit them, in a single or batch mode

This program comprises quite a large number of options so that you can easily manage and edit your images. First and foremost, you should know it is possible to use a viewer, packed with a folder structure to help you select images faster. In addition to that, take advantage of a pretty basic editor. It lets you resize, crop, rotate and flip items, as well as adjust the brightness, sharpness, backlight and contrast, and apply some of the many effects integrated. This tool also has a counterpart which enables you process multiple files in the same time.

PhotoScape Serial Key

A reliable alternative for anyone who needs a a decent image editor without having to pay a cent. These are the main features and functions offered by this software: Furthermore, it also comes along with functions that will avoid you having to resort to printing applications as it incorporates its own tools. Thus, we can transfer to a physical format any edits carried out, including mosaics, collages or wallpapers.

The Editor tab supports basic operations, such as cropping and resizing. Additionally, it lets you apply effects, some of which, like fake tilt-shift, graduated tint and reflection, are very interesting and hard to find in other tools. Besides, it includes such tools as red-eye correction, mole removal and clone stamp, among others. There’s also the Batch Editor tab that allows applying changes to multiple photos. Likewise, you can open the Animated GIF tab to create animations by combining various pictures in a sequence. Other tabs called Page and Combine are intended to create photo collages while the Print tab lets you organize various images in a single page before sending them to printer.

PhotoScape Features:

  • Cheaper option than Photoshop
  • It’s free
  • A redesign of its interface is needed
  • It can convert RAW images
  • Professionals may be dissatisfied with features
  • Fully accessible for novices and professionals
  • It includes some rare features
  • we could not finely edit textures & blemishes of an object
  • I haven’t looked into any other funtions on this software.
  • easy to move around in
  • need mor to fix pic
PhotoScape Activator Free Download

Image enhancement and photo editing at everyone’s reach

It’s a program to edit, fix, and improve digital images but that’s not all: it incorporates other functions such as a viewer through a simple interface that provides us access to different functions. It turns out to be a very useful tool if we have to handle large photo collections with which we can organize them, view them, edit them to correct errors and improve their quality or create compositions such as collages, montages, and wallpapers.

System Requirement:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Mooii Tech
  • Last version 3.7

How do I re-edit text I put in a picture in Photoscape, that I already saved? It won’t let me click on them once I closed it and reopened it. I hate to reformat the RAW picture all over again and not be able to edit any changes! Any suggestions?

Once you edit a picture and save it, there is no way to edit it back or to undone the operation. You will need the original picture to be able to start over.

I have just upgraded to Photoscape PRO but nothing has been changed and I can’t locate the software or the upgrade.

PhotoScape and PhotoScape X are free products. You can download them for free. The first one is for Windows and the second one is for Mac OS. There is no PhotoScape Pro. You’ve probably been scammed to pay for a program that’s free. If this is the case, run a copy of AdwCleaner and Combofix, then scan your computer. Use one application at the time because it’s possible you’ve installed a malware applciation.

Why does my picture look fuzzy when I print it? Does it need to be of a certain size?

It is possible that the picture you want to print is smaller than the printing size that you set up in PhotoScape. You can try to print the picture using different sizes or you can right click on it (outside the program), go to Properties > Details tab and see at Dimension the actual size of it and try to print using this data.

How can I make the background transparent in PhotoScape?

There are a few steps to make the background transparent in Photoscape. Firstly, open Photoscape and then load the image you want to create a transparent background for. Click File and then click New to create a new image file. In the pop up window choose Transparent for the background color.
Next, select the Want tool from the toolbox and use the mouse to cut out the image from the background. Press Ctrl+X to cut the image selection.
After this, click the blank, new image created with the transparent background and press CTRL+V to paste the selection.
Go to File > Save as and choose PNG and that’s it.

Can I download and use the Photoscape software for my job, or I must buy a license?

This application is freeware. That means that you can download and use it without the need to purchase a license. Before you use it for your job, be sure to read the Terms of service to avoid any legal issue.

I have just upgraded my Photoscape to the 3.7 version and have lost my mirror button. How do I retrieve it as I use it a lot?

I have installed version 3.7 and the mirror button is still there when you open a picture. Check the image attached bellow to see exactly where the mirror button is located. Activate Home tab first and you should see it.
enter image description here

How can I import objects in Photoscape? Whenever I click the object, no object imports, there’s only blank screen.

The objects button becomes available when you already imported content into the application. Only then you can select the Objects tab and click on the import icon (first icon in the upper-left menu). If you need additional objects, just click the remaining icons in the same menu.

What’s new in last version:

Added 'Black & White' and 'Bandicoot' filters (Editor > Home)
Added a 'Smart Blur' brush (Editor > Tools > Effect Brush)
Brush sizes increase from 3 to 4 and become bigger.
Added 29 more film effects so totally 35 film effects now. (Editor > Home)
Improve the 'Film Effect' UI
Improved Editor, Page, Combine and AniGif UI
Fixed minor bugs
Critical Filter bugs fixed: We fixed strange triangular graphical bugs & unintended V-shaped marks in the filters of Sharpen, Blur, Fake Tilt-Shift and Bloom.
Blur Brush upgraded: Editor > Tools > Effect Brush > Blur

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  1. michele graham, Yes there are several ways to do it. Its one of the best features of the program.

  2. An amazing free program. In a little time, you will learn how to use it with ease. If I were to want a better art program, I’d upgrade this! I have used it for about 3 years!

  3. An amazing free program. In a little time, you will learn how to use it with ease. If I were to want a better art program, I’d upgrade this. I have used it for about 3 years!

  4. How do I make each piece match seamlessly to put together and make a large poster? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  5. Easy to use. we don’t even require to see see any tutorial before editing your pic. It works fast and even helps in creating animations.

  6. – Only handles a very limited number of files in one job- EVEN THE PAID PRO VERSION
    – Software decides (usage analysis) by itself if you should pay for it.
    – The free version will refuse to operate if it decides you should pay for it.

  7. I am not happy that it is only basic for Home Users and can only be upgraded by purchase particularly as it is still a new product. There should be a Trial Period with full features.

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