PrintKey-Pro 1.05 crack

PrintKey-Pro 1.05 crack

You can access the aforementioned modes by using the assigned hotkeys or by right-clicking on the application’s icon on the system tray area. A menu will pop-up and you can choose the mode that fits your needs best. Whenever you activate one of the modes, your screenshot will be taken and opened in a built-in image editor, where you can touch it up a bit. Although the editor is very basic, there are about 20 edition operations that you can easily carry out, like changing resolution, modifying brightness, contrast and saturation, zooming in and rotating, etc. This application can be additionally set to copy your screen grabs to the clipboard so you can easily paste them somewhere else. I didn’t find any settings to automatically save a file without the editor showing up. That would make things a lot easier for me.

PrintKey-Pro full version serial keys

PrintKey-Pro full version with keygen download is a program designed to be able to take screenshots in the most comfortable and direct manner. The application allows us to assign the keyboard shortcut of your choice to take an image of what appears on your screen and apply small enhancements to those photographs that you have taken.   The application offers the option to save the generated files in JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF and PCX, thus in this way covering the most used formats.

Capture the desktop with ease Takes a screenshot and edits it Download PrintKey-Pro 1.05 For Pc Free Download – Capture the desktop with ease PrintKey-Pro 1.05 premium is a screen capture utility for Windows. It allows you to take screenshots of any part of your screen and save them to a picture file. The application makes use of hotkeys to activate the few capture modes that are available. Like most other applications of this type, PrintKey-Pro 1.05 activated can capture the entirety of the screen, a rectangular area, or an active window.

PrintKey-Pro Features:

  • Easy to configure a hot key
  • Quick
  • One-click screen capture
  • Built-in editor
  • Couldn’t bypass the image editor to save the files directly to the hard drive
  • none work as intended.
  • easy of use. one key screen capture. easy to save image, save defaults to many thing like picture format of your choice and save destination. no renaming like Snipping tool. if you like keyboard shortcuts there are many, CTRL+s to save.
  • For $20 rather overpriced for a GUI interface to what comes standard on windows via alt+PrtScn.
  • Very limited functionality for text or image manipulation for documentation. SnagIt is a better choice for documentation with callouts, borders, etc.
  • Nope, Free program for $20 do do the snipping tool…
  • cheap, worth the price. have been using it for many years. very satisfied!!! many options that are automatic after you set them. great prompt support. Updated on Jan 24, 2011
  • Haven’t found any yet.
PrintKey-Pro premium

A simple to use screen capture program with graphic editor for Windows Vista, XP, and Windows7. Capture screen with the press of the Print Scrn key or any other key you configure. Adjust the captured picture’s brightness, contrast, color balance, size, color invert, or convert to grayscale or black and white. Edit using an image editor of your choice and print or save in multiple formats such as JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF and PCX. All PrintKey (1997-2000) and PrintKey-Pro Full Version Free Crack (2000-2011) screen capture programs are the intellectual property of program developer Alfred Bolliger.

System Requirement:

Will the current version work with Windows 8.1? I used an old version for years but it stopped working with Windows 8. Thanks for the info.

No, the software will not work with Windows 8.1 because it’s not compatible with it. According to the official information the software can be installed in the following Windows versions: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003,Vista and will also work with Dos windows. There is no information about Windows 8.1. However, download the package and run it as Administrator or change its compatibility from Properties > Compatibility > Windows 7 after you right click it.

What’s new in last version:

Support for NT, Win95, Win98 and WinME is removed.
User interface look and feel of XP and Vista.
Cosmetic window and menu changes.
Package and executable digitally signed.
Help Menu revisions.
Multiple image bug corrected.
Inverse colors corrected.
Substitute colors bug corrected.
Short Date Format can be used in registering program.
Fixed the bottom border space printing bug.
Fixed Standard Editing bug.
Fixed printing problems with some HP Laser printers.
Fixed Direct print bug with the clipboard.
Fixed Save picture bug with the clipboard.

Printkey-Pro 1.05 full setup

9 thoughts on “PrintKey-Pro 1.05 crack

  1. Because this is a free edition some features are limited and available on PicaJet FX version.

  2. Only drawback (which actually is not) is filter updation for free add-on as it’s not worthy all-alone.

  3. Downloaded it, but talk about a attack clone, it looks the same as Photoshop 7, and 8. Same filters, same everything only about 1 – 2 new filters. Over all, If you have Photoshop 7, or 8… Dont spend $500 – $600 for the same program you alredy have. (Good thing the demo is free to try.) Mabye later people will find alot more then what I see, but as for now.. there is about 4 new things in the whole program. |Download:Yes | Buy:no|

  4. Other than another screen to navigate at start-up I see no difference whatsoever in PC performance, my card balance is slightly higher and I have another source of pop-ups when I least want them.

  5. It isn’t even close to having as many features as MS office. It is also more complicated than MS office.

  6. The application freezes sometimes when you open it, even with a fast computer you might have to wait a while when starting up. It’s Design view is great but doesn’t look like what it’d be in the browser when you add objects like anchors and templates – you might have to switch between browser and Dreamweaver depending on what you’re doing.

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