Revealer Keylogger Free 2.29 For Windows Download

Revealer Keylogger Free 2.29 For Windows Download


Free keylogger: Despite the freeware version’s limits, Revealer Keylogger Free Full Version Free Crack‘s active features are fully functional. It only records keystrokes and the programs they’re entered in, such as IE, Chrome, or Word, but it does a good job of that.

Bottom Line

Revealer Keylogger Free free download‘s biggest recommendation may be that it’s free. That’s something to consider when comparing premium tools, but there are even other freeware options that offer more tools and options than Revealer Keylogger Free full version with keygen download free, as well. We suggest you try other versions before settling on this one.

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Once configured, the program runs in the background so children do not know they are being supervised by adults. The main window of the application can only be revealed using a hotkey combination as set up by the person who installed the tool, and there are no taskbar or system tray icons showing that the app is actually running on the PC (it can only be found in the Task Manager window). Revealer Keylogger Free 2.29 Full Version license Key can record all the user’s keystrokes and saves them in logs that can be regularly deleted, thus saving space on the computer. Alternatively, one can backup these logs and analyze them at a later time, so as to check if their child’s PC activity has changed. In addition, not only can parents choose the hotkey combination used to display the main window, but they can also protect the app with a password they prefer.

Since keyloggers are designed to be invisible, they can be considered as spyware or spy gadgets by some antivirus or security tools. However, Revealer Keylogger contains no viruses and no spyware and the data collected won’t be transmitted to unknown third parties. Detection can be avoided by adding Revealer Keylogger to the exclusion list of the antivirus software. There is a non-free version of Revealer Keylogger. What are the differences? The free keylogger offers all the basic features of a spy software. As simple as this free version, Revealer Keylogger Pro can take screenshots and send the logs via email, FTP or local network.

Revealer Keylogger Free Features:

  • not sure yet
  • – Makes machine buggy- Cannot be deinstalled as described in the instructions – Turned itself off anyway, so I didn’t even capture any data (though now I suspect it’s sent it somewhere!)
  • stopped working after malwarebytes quickscan and checked “ignore this program” free version doesn’t send emails
  • The software was easy to install and has a very simple to use menu. This edition will monitor one user or all users.
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Easy to use: A virtue of Revealer Keylogger Free 2.29 portable‘s limited functionality is easy setup. Just choose whether you want to use a password and what to hide or show, press “Start” (or a hot key combo), and it does the rest. Languages: Revealer Keylogger Free Full Version Activation Code offers a variety of interface language and character options.


Too basic: Revealer Keylogger Free 2.29 precracked logs keystrokes and applications but not Web addresses or browser activity. If you enter a Web address manually, it will record the keystrokes, but not the IP or Web address. Better tools are also free: We’ve seen plenty of freeware keyloggers that don’t make you pay for screenshots or email notifications. Many add IP logging, desktop video recording, chat logging, and other features on top of that.

System Requirement:

I recently tried this out, but noticed I can’t open my logs when they are saved under that ‘data’ folder. They save as .RAV and I tried finding a downloader for those types of files, but they are for movies or pictures so I’m not sure if it’s the right thing. It gives me the option to open other ways, like WordPad or Notepad or Adobe Reader, but Adobe Reader won’t open the files and on WordPad or Notepad, they are unreadable and look like wingdings. Do you have any suggestions on what I could use to open these files?

This application doesn’t save as RAV file format. I’ve checked the official website and installed the application then recorded something and tried to save the file. The output file format (as you can see below) is RVL, not RAV.
Use the image below as guidance:
enter image description here
You’ve probably downloaded something else if it says RAV.

What’s new in last version:

All reported bugs fixed
full optimization
the program is now even more tiny : only 34 ko !
hot key support
now monitor console applications like cmd.exe
log files are much smaller
option to delete (or not) log files every month
more difficult to detect by anti-keyloggers…

Revealer Keylogger Free 1.33 patched, Revealer Keylogger Free 1.3 Full Version license Key

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  1. A lot of errors while connecting to gmail and other emails
    Sometime delayed opening the message and gives message “Download next time”
    Very annoying message

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