RivaTuner 2.24.1 pin

RivaTuner 2.24.1 pin

RivaTuner 2.24.1 full version is a complete powerful tweaking environment, providing you everything you may need to tune NVIDIA GPU based display adapters. The widest driver-level Direct3D / OpenGL and system tuning options, flexible profiling system allowing to make custom settings on per-application basis, both driver-level and low-level hardware access modes, unique diagnostic and realtime hardware monitoring features and exclusive power user oriented tools like built-in registry editor and patch script engine make RivaTuner 2.24 premium's feature set absolutely unmatched.

RivaTuner registered

are included. This version also includes tools like built-in registry editor and patch script engine. Riva Tuner supports all NVIDIA display drivers right from the Riva TNT family up to the latest GeForce 8800 series. Beside NVIDIA drivers, there is also some limited support for display adapters based upon ATI RADEON 8500 and newer ATI graphics processors. The interface is pretty simple, features are arranged in different tabs, it is very easy to navigate, the setiings are pretty straightforward, within no time you can tune your graphics card. This version also includes some handy features for power users, such as multi-monitor support, built-in database of more 180 GPU’s & a very powerful overclocking tool. Grab it now!

Create multiple custom profiles

Although it supports hardware from ATI / AMD, RivaTuner 2.24.1 with keygen works at its best with NVIDIA video cards. The counterpart software in this case is ATI Tray Tools. RivaTuner 2.24 Full Version Activation Key's 'System tweaks' window enables you to choose the core, shader and memory clocks with the optional 'Link clocks' feature. You can also manage your selection within the 'Overclocking profile settings' by saving, loading and deleting them.

RivaTuner Features:

  • None
  • Very simple GUI
  • Software Development Kit is also provided
  • Well, it works. There is not something more we have to expect from it. Just more possibilities, in future versions.
RivaTuner Full Version license Key

Suitable for advanced users

The application's interface is quite simple. It features a tabbed layout comprising 'Main', 'Settings', 'Power user', 'Launcher' or 'Scheduler' options. You get adapter information and driver settings in the 'Main' section and RivaTuner 2.24 patched user interface preferences, startup and hotkey manager settings within the 'Settings' section. The 'Power user' tab is available for advanced users that posses a high level of VGA knowledge.

System Requirement:

  • NVIDIA Video Cards
  • Windows All
  • Author Alexey Nicolaychuk
  • Last version 2.24.1

What’s new in last version:

Minor bugfixes:
Fixed bug in hardware monitoring module causing hardware monitoring based scheduled tasks to be ignored due to improper initialization on RivaTuner startup.
Fixed erroneous 100MHz memory clock reading on G9x GPU series based display adapters caused by bug in memory clock frequency generator source clock detection code.
File system redirection is no longer disabled when executing a patch script under 64-bit OS to prevent the issues with missing file system browser dialog when pressing the "Continue" button.
Heights of sticky graphs in the group are now updated properly when manually editing fixed graph height settings in the properties of any graph of the group.

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33 thoughts on “RivaTuner 2.24.1 pin

  1. I tried to clone my internal drive to my USB drive. Although True Image went through all the motions and even reported success, nothing changed. After my experience with tech support, I’m thinking about asking them about that one as well, but it’s a feature I can live without. Everything else has worked flawlessly.

  2. I am using EM Flow v5.23. I am struggling processing my EM data. Please send me a step by step tutorial on how to generate a CDI image from Frequency domain AEM using the EM Flow software.

  3. Excellent. There are just two very important bugs in my opinion: can’t play Konami Cup and can’t play Become a Legend mode. And it seems that there’s no solution.

  4. Online registration required! Very difficult to do when the PC that you want to use it on is isolated from internet access.

  5. Reduced functionality. The name “Reader” is a misnomer because its new functions cater to the large professional publisher, not to the reader or consumer of information. Stay with your old version or use alternative PDF Readers.

  6. I can’t get this version to install. The installer runs to 99.9% then quits with no error information. A search of the web and the Adobe support forum show that many other people are having the same problem. Adobe has offered no troubleshooting suggestions.

  7. Does not define “dead” addresses
    While reasonable default search is present, its not intuitive
    Apparently can search multiple ranges in succession, syntax not explained
    If no system name, reports manufacturer of LAN chip (apparently) which is somewhat helpful but not documented
    while one can click through to go to HTML server for found addresses, this is not clear to a novice

  8. BEWARE! Tutor videos but NO INDEX anywhere to help subjects. Lack of index wastes your time. Easy web building software is very complex inside, problem-prone Tech support indifferent to angry.

  9. Macromedia is gone. Viva!!! Adobe!!! Let’s be honest. Today we don’t have alternatives to Adobe Reader. No one !!! You can try any other pdf reader, but no one compare with Adobe Reader. From this position, Adobe can play as they want, with adware ( view Adobe Reader 7 ), with a small installer, like Yahoo! Messenger with Voice, giants software companies try to collect more, and more data about your computer, and you, for their own commercial statistics. You are no more anonymous online. All collected data – associated to your own IP. Your privacy fly right out of the window.

  10. My firewall reported trojan virus activity, stating this program changed the parent directory of IE7, Foxpro, and my mp3 software. Virtually it was trying to access the internet by any way possible.changing every program with access.

  11. Using AVC without reading the instructions can be disastrous! Be careful before converting files especially taking into consideration aspect ratios of videos.

  12. I downloaded Adobe Reader DC from the adobe.com which installed it on my Windows 10 desktop PC. It will not open the program or a PDF. Best solution I found on the various forums was to change the security setting in the Adobe Reader preferences. But how can I do that when the program doesn’t even open?

  13. I lost my copy of Daily Journal 3.0 from Parsons Technology when I moved. Since then, the computer (Windows XP, built in 2003) that had the program installed was ruined by a lightning strike. I have the data files backed up on an external drive, but now have no way to read them and recover my notes, mostly on genealogy, including some precious transcriptions of letters to and from my grandmother and my aunt, both of whom are now deceased. Is there any other program which can read these data files?

  14. Is incredibly heavy (what do Adobe need to insert to every version?), unnecessarily intrusive (Creates folders and toolbars everywhere!), slow (for those of us who don’t change the pc every week) and full of features that less than 1% of the population needs.

  15. Because this is a free edition some features are limited and available on PicaJet FX version.

  16. How do you get hold of support? Purchased this product a couple years ago but cannot re-install it on a new PC and support email address and website don’t appear to exist anymore.

  17. when merging avi files, the output frame rate value should be set to “original” by default i dont understand why it wouldnt be. would of saved me having to do the process twice.

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