ShellExView 2.01 premium

ShellExView 2.01 premium

To summarize, ShellExView 2.01 pre-Activated Free Download is an application that comes in handy when you need to manage shell extension. It’s not suited for novice users, which may find the software too tricky to use and quite useless. However, experienced users and professionals will find it very useful. Search and manage shell extensions installed on your system ShellExView 2.01 Full Version Activator is an application designed to help you access the details of shell extensions installed on your system, offering a few other extra tools to help you manage them.

Initial scan to display relevant extension info

With a minimal and clean interface, ShellExView serial code also helps you disable certain Context Menu Handlers and thus prevent crashes from taking place on your computer.

ShellExView cracked

The program installation goes seamlessly and can be completed by even the most inexperienced computer user. Once this step has been completed, the users discover a very basic GUI, that resembles the ones from Windows XP OS, with small and poorly designed menu icons and no customizable options. The only noticeable pro of the interface is its responsivity to user commands. When it comes to its capabilities, ShellExView 2.01 Registration key can display the details of shell extensions and allow users to enable or disable each shell extension. Another useful function of this software is that it can be used for solving context-menu problems in Explorer environment.

The “Properties” window shows exactly the same details as the main window, only that they're now presented in a better organized screen. Another good thing about ShellExView 2.01 Full Version key is the fact you don't even need to install the program, as all its files are packed in an archive and thus no prior installation is needed. ShellExView patched works with just a minimum amount of computer resources and seems to get along very well with all Windows versions, but keep in mind that you need administrator privileges to make changes to context menu handlers.

To end with

Overall, ShellExView 2.01 premium is one of the best tools of its kind and it is not only freeware, but it's also extremely easy to use and relies on a very clean interface.

ShellExView 2.01 Free Download Activator Video Guide

ShellExView Features:

  • Seems tricky to use
  • Has no kind of theme customizations
  • Offers good response time to user actions
  • Solves context-menu issues
  • Displays the details of shell extensions
  • Has small menu icons
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Download ShellExView 2.01 registration keys for free and you can check and manage the extensions of your operating system. ShellExView 2.01 full version patch will show you info about the extensions ShellExView Full Version Registration key is a software program that offers users the means to access and manage the details of shell extensions that are installed on their systems. Thus, they can toggle the status of particular functions, add new ones or just rename them, all with just a few mouse clicks.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Fixed bug: ShellExView crashed on some systems.
Fixed to detect properly the filename of .NET extensions.
Fixed the 'Restart Explorer' option to work properly on Windows 10.
Fixed bug: When the 'Hide All Microsoft Extensions' option was turned on, ShellExView didn't display it as checked.
Fixed bug: ShellExView failed to detect some shell extensions.
Added 'Hide All Microsoft Extensions' option.
Added 'Missing File' column (Displays 'Yes' if the shell extension file is missing).
Added 'Thumbnail Handler' and 'Preview Handler' shell extensions that ShellExView failed to locate in previous versions.

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