Speaking Clock Deluxe 3.62 Free Crack

Speaking Clock Deluxe 3.62 Free Crack

The alarm feature includes a lot of options, such as variety of alert sounds and the ability to use an agent–an animated cartoon character–to deliver alerts. We also liked the fact that users can choose between natural speech or text-to-speech, and that the Help file explained the differences between the two. Overall, Speaking Clock Deluxe 3.62 Activation Code performed well and included everything we’d want from a speaking clock. The program has a 30-day trial limitation. It comes as a ZIP file and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We recommend this program to all users.

Speaking Clock Deluxe key

When running the application for the first time, a welcome window appears, where you can adjust the basic settings according to your needs. For instance, you can set the time mode (12h or 24h), the announce options, or the start settings. The interface is simple and straightforward, so that any user would be able to manage it. You can easily customize its appearance by changing the display mode (big/small digital, big/small analog), selecting another skin, adjusting the transparency level, and many others.

Although there were some aspects of the text-to-speech features that weren’t intuitive, the built-in Help file explained everything clearly. The interface organizes all of the feature’s options into easy-to-navigate tabs, making it simple to configure the clock to your liking. The program offers what you would expect of a speaking clock; analog and digital settings, several skins, alarms, a timer/stopwatch, and customizable intervals for speaking the time. The clock also includes a few unexpected extras, such as a calendar and speaking calculator.

Speaking Clock Deluxe Features:

  • None
  • Option to set the alarm, calculator and time announcement with natural speech or selected agent
  • Customizable interface
  • Available in many languages
  • User-friendly interface
  • There is nothing I dislike
  • Of all the clocks that I’ve tried in the past, the deluxe 3.62 (like it’s predessors) has given me the least amount of problems. It performs as stated and contains no spy ware or virus. If you use your imagination you can get this little jewel to do almost anything you choose. For instance, along with the alarm (which you can program an alert message of your choice), in the announce mode you can also install a wave file of any sound (I used a voice message that I copied from an old movie) and with both created what sounded like an hourly conversation. It’s amazing what you can do with the speaking clock and you’ll have hours of fun just trying different tasks in different languages.
Speaking Clock Deluxe reg keys

Speaking Clock Deluxe 3.62 keys is a desktop clock application that can announce time in multiple languages, with several extra features provided as a bonus.

Extra features included in the package

The application offers many other tools, including a calculator, a calendar, a timer and a stopwatch, each with a basic design. Still, the interface helps the app get the job done, but we admit that a modern look would be great.

Different skins to choose from

The application has multiple skins included in the package, but none of them looks so appealing as you may expect.

System Requirement:

Why I don’t see the clock displayed in my computer?

You encounter this issue because the application was started without Administrator rights. Now, every time you’ll encounter the same error. Remove the application, install it again and start it with Run as Administrator.

Is it possible to put other voices into Speaking Clock Deluxe (such as your own voice)?

No, you can’t put your own voice into Speaking Clock Deluxe. The application already features 30 language packs with the possibility to add others and it also allows you to configure it for TTS and MS Speech Agent support.

What’s new in last version:

You can now (at last) use MP3 or WMA files for your alarms
The custom chime sound can now be set to any .WAV file, using
an easy-to-use file browser (just like the alarm and timer sound)
Bug fix for the calculator display
Announce volume was not saved correctly
Announcement thread now has higher priority, to avoid "stutter"
Filename-length limit for alarm sound has been increased
The timer alert sound can now be set to any .WAV file, using
an easy-to-use file browser (just like the alarm sound)
Bug fix for the calculator, sometimes the decimal point did not
work correctly
Text-to-speech functions are now designed to work with Speech API
ver 5.0 or newer, meaning all TTS functionality will work
directly out-of-the-box with Windows 2000/XP/Vista
The calculator function is now implemented as a separate window
as many users did not understand how to use the calculator in

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  1. Did not actually convert files- just created a new “file” that was a whopping 0 bytes large.

  2. Not enough features for the price to upgrade to Pro. It’s just not benefitial, or practical to upgrade for the two features it provides in doing so.

  3. Tried the newer build, did not like it, it did odd things to the video motion and the images would jump instead of moving slowly.

  4. It is full of virue abd spyware, will also slow down your pc will not uninstall no mater what you do.It can also mess up some of your other programs

  5. It’s a great way to keep your computer in the tip-top condition, it requires you to do some work, but also be in control.

  6. Kept saying that it had encountered an error and apologised for it. Uninstalled, re-downloaded, loaded and the same trouble.

  7. If the program is effected by malware or is a hidden botnet it will lock up your programs in windows 7. Sent large number of bug reports to Mozilla Firefox . Also listed on my Windows 7 bug reports . It could just be a software design problem.

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