SymMover 1.5.1510 full

SymMover 1.5.1510 full

SymMover 1.5 full allows for you to move programs and folders from their original locations to other drives, allowing you to free space while maintaining program directory locations. Need to move programs that you already have installed? SymMover precracked is an interesting utility to move installed programs and all their related files to another disc location or to other drives without needing to reinstall anything.

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You can also select the type of migration to be performed, namely normal (the files are moved and a shortcut link is generated) or keep in source (which means more of a copy operation, seeing as the original files are kept), whichever suits you best. The migration process occurs at an average transfer rate and note that large quantities of data might take a while to complete. Overall, SymMover 1.5 Full Version keygen seems like a good asset, worth trying when you need to migrate data without causing compatibility issues for the software and games installed on your system. It lacks scheduling options and could use a more appealing interface and more explicit commands.

With SymMover 1.5.1510 portable you can move installed programs to other hard drives or partitions. Download SymMover 1.5.1510 serial code free and move your programs without reinstalling them SymMover full version free is an intelligent method of migrating your data between drives, generating a symbolic link between the source and the destination folders. This benefits scenarios where you’re moving entire folders of software and games to another drive, which normally may cause behavioral issues, but with SymMover 1.5 full version serial keys this is easily overcome. By creating a link between the locations, Windows will point to the right folder in any situation. It comes wrapped up inside a simple, yet clean and intuitive interface that is easy to operate. A new migration task can be initiated by the press of a button, which triggers a dialog that allows you to select the data to be transferred.

SymMover Features:

  • Shows real-time disk space data
  • It’s free
  • Only works with Vista and 7
  • Works only with disks having the NTFS file system
  • Intuitive, neat and simple interface
  • Apparently easy to use.
  • Really helps to save C-drive’s space.
  • I’m not sure what the other reviewer was referring to, but I was able to easily move over 20 Gigs from my SSD C: drive to my HDD drive and the programs still worked. I suppose you have to be smarter than a 5th grader to use the program, but other than that,. it’s quite simple to add new destination drives or folders.
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SymMover 1.5 Free Download Activator solves this problem by creating a symbolic link between the original location and the new one, which ensures that the software and games that were moved can still be run without any problems. Anyway, in order to do so, you have to move those installations using SymMover keys. This is simple: just add any installed application or any folder to the “source” panel of SymMover full download’s interface, select the destination and press the “Move” button. As you can see, there’s nothing complicated about using this app. The program comes with a very neat and intuitive interface that makes it easy to move folders and installations back and forth between various destinations.

System Requirement:

I was using SymMover (Windows 7) to move 5 pgms from C: to D: and had about 9 min remaining when the program hung up. What to do? I tried “Cancel” and it says canceling, but doesn’t do anything.

Try to close down all background programs while you’re doing this operation and make sure that the files that are going to be moved are not opened in any of the supported applications. This is probably a bug which can be fixed using the above method.

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  1. Moved the program from Source to Destination just fine. Closed the Sym Mover program. Next time started the program to move back the program. Destination Side (Right panel) is empty. How to move back the program? Need suggestions.

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  3. It did not print dvd case inserts. Some people call them covers. Yeah. It only does cd covers.

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