ToDoList 7.2.13 Full Version Activator

ToDoList 7.2.13 Full Version Activator

This free (for life) Windows desktop application offers an effective and flexible way to stay on top of your daily tasks. People get ToDoList preactivated for their own specific purposes and usually tailor the software to suit their usage. But for a newcomer it’s a challenge to understand what the options are. “How can I ‘tailor’ it to suit my needs if I don’t know how it works in the first place?” You could simply create a task for each food item, or you can create a sub-task for each grocery store, with a sub-task under each store for each food item. Download ToDoList 7.2.13 Full Crack – Create a list of your important or ongoing tasks with options to carry them with you, re-open tasks and review your activity with this application

ToDoList pre-Activated

You can make notes, set due dates, mark your progress, and color-code everything. Completed lists look a bit like a file tree, with each line of tasks interconnected and stacked on top of one another. One of the nicest aspects was the capability to make subtasks stemming from larger tasks. ToDoList 7.2 Full Version Free Download doesn’t offer many special features, though the simple capability to add a symbol to each task helps differentiate tasks more clearly than color-coding them. Such a feature could be especially useful with massive lists.

Our lives are getting busier and busier so keeping everything organized can be a bit of a chore. As such, ToDoList Full Version key comes as a light tool that can serve this purpose.

Add all your important tasks

First of all, the application requires no installation to function, so you can even store it on a USB flash drive to have your list of tasks at hand regardless of the computer you’re using. The program has a simple interface that should be easy to figure out, thanks to the intuitive layout. The window can be resized and you can minimize it to the tray area when not directly used.

ToDoList Features:

  • I evaluated various free and shareware to-do list managers and some Web-hosted ones, and tried MS 0utlook and MS Project. ToDoList (ver. 5.1.1, Feb 2007) is by far the best! It has all the important features I want (nesting, priorities, categories, sorting, deadlines, drag and drop, free-text notes) and much more, is very flexible and configurable, and is easy to figure out and use. Programmers will appreciate the versatility inherent in XML data storage. Open source means the possibility of more plug-ins. And it’s free (though PayPal donations are accepted and certainly deserved)!
  • For me, none. Some people may find that the degree of customisation available is daunting but it’s not in-your-face.
  • This program is simple, logical and useful for many categories of tasks–home, work, hobbies. Updated on Jan 18, 2011
  • None that I can think of
  • First – I used CNET’s downloader (couldn’t find a way around it), which meant I had to be careful to opt out of all the extra stuff it wanted to install along with this software. That was a pain in itself. Then instead of a standard installation, with an icon on the desktop or a “Do you want to run this software now?” message in the last screen, I got a window showing a folder inside the Downloads folder which itself was inside the My Documents folder. I have my browser set to put downloads on the Desktop so I can find them more easily, so I don’t know why the installation did this. But it made it a lot harder to open the software – I had to sort through 28 files to find the one that looked like it might open the program. There were 2 EXE files but one looked like an updater so I clicked on the other one.But even that didn’t open the program right away; first I had to get through a couple of other windows, one of which asked me which items I wanted it to show. Most of those didn’t mean anything to me so I clicked through that window and eventually got to what I think was the main screen. But it had so many items on it that I didn’t recognize, including a lot of terms and abbreviations I’d never heard before, that I decided not to go any further.Maybe I’m just out of touch with things, or maybe this program is designed for more sophisticated users than I am, but I’m not going to waste any more time trying to figure it out. I don’t like to keep stuff I don’t use so I’d like to uninstall it, but I can’t find a way to do that so I’m just going to delete that folder with the 28 files in it.
ToDoList free

You may create countless entries by simply adding several details. For instance, these require a task name and a date and time when it needs to be completed. The text color may be changed, as well as the task’s priority level. The notes may be filed under a certain category that can be created by each user.

Handle completed tasks and set behavior options

Once any of the tasks are completed, you can check them with the help of the tools included in the interface. Alternatively, the entries can be deleted or edited at any time. This can be done by pressing the corresponding button on the main frame or by double-clicking the task.

System Requirement:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Abstract Spoon Software
  • Last version 7.2.13

What’s new in last version:

All columns are resizable – also you can hide or show each and every column as you desire, from a new pop-up menu showing when right-clicking on the grid's header
The 'options' dialog has been cleaned and improved, more options are present, notably the one that allows you to choose which interface language to use! There is only English and Portuguese so far, but more will be added
A new design 'About' dialog has been added and a new menu below the 'Help' one on top will easily check for new versions directly from my webpage

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13 thoughts on “ToDoList 7.2.13 Full Version Activator

  1. Who could ask for amything more than is already included? There was hardly any useful utility left out. However, if I were to make a suggestion, it might be to have an additional tool that would address connectivity issues, e.g. a command for clearing the DNS, etc. It is extremely difficult for anyone to come up with anything negative after using this software.

  2. 100% confusing and not user friendly at all.

    there are hundreds of buttons that are useless and most of them just do the same thing. They tried to make it look important and special adding lots of useless staff which you will not use for backups.
    IT is very confusing and there are lots of bugs. If you search online you will see how many bugs are still open.

    find something else. you will regret if you get it.

  3. after useing the trial version I purchased the full version. there was a mess-up with the order placement through “SHARE-IT” and the “upgrade” system. Nothing against Auslogics, but a poor choice on thier part using “SHARE-IT” to handle the orders

  4. when I checked some new songs that I added I couldn’t find them but I don’t think is a big deal

  5. Nothing I don’t like, but if Auslogics can pull off a TweakVista that rivals TweakUI for XP, I’ll be shopping their products for a long time to come.

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