TweakUI 2.20 setup

TweakUI 2.20 setup

Tweak UI is a small tool that allows you to customize some settings of your operating system. The user interface is rather simple and easy to use, consisting of a standard window and several commands. Thus, you can enable or disable beep on errors, combo box animation, cursor shadow, list box animation, menu animation, fading and selection facing, mouse hot tracking effects, window animations, as well as hard disk optimisation when the system is idle.

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In addition, you can prevent applications from stealing focus, change the size of the Alt+Tab window, adjust mouse speed and sensitivity (e.g. on double-click and drag, hover sensitivity and time). Furthermore, you can configure Explorer settings (e.g. disable “Help” or “Logoff” on Start menu, smooth scrolling, Windows+X hotkeys), including shortcut overlay, colors, thumbnails (image quality, size) and keyboard navigation keys. You can also disable AutoComplete, balloon tips, desktop icons and warnings when you're low on disk space, hide the Places bar, configure grouping and the frequently used programs displayed in Start menu, and much more. Plus, Tweak UI allows you to change “My Computer” icons, customize AutoPlay settings, hide “Control Panel” extensions, select how drive letters appear in “My Computer” and which new documents can be created when accessing the right-click menu. The program uses a very low amount of system resources and provides descriptions for each category. We strongly recommend this software to both novice and expert users, as they can configure Windows to their own preferences.

Download TweakUI 2.20 full version with crack – Configure your desktop settings with ease TweakUI 2.20 Full Version Full Crack amp up WindowsXP with a PowerToy that changes the default user interface Configure your desktop settings with ease TweakUI full is one of the several so called “PowerToys” for Windows XP, available at the download section of the Microsoft Corporation Web site. TweakUI 2.20 Full Version Free Crack has one edition for Itanium™-based systems. This tool provides access to several Windows settings that aren't usually accessible to regular users, so they could customize Windows to make it more suitable for their tastes and needs.

TweakUI Features:

  • It’s available in English only
  • It allows accessing system settings that are not commonly exposed to the regular user
  • It’s a lightweight application
  • It’s easy-to-use
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Another item is "Control Panel", which shows a list of extensions and allows hiding or showing them according to the users’ convenience. Following with the list, the next item is "Logon". There are four options here to activate/deactivate: keep RAS connection after logoff, parse Autoexec.bat at logon, show “Administrator” on the welcome screen, and show “User” on the welcome screen. This last option will list as many records as there are users in the system. There are also options to configure the following items: Internet Explorer, access control, repair, command prompt, templates, my computer and many more.

System Requirement:

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  2. It’s simple in use and let me keep my notes in order in my Pocket PC and Desktop PS as well.

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