VistaMizer registered

VistaMizer registered

Download VistaMizer Full Version license code – Change the appearance of your Windows XP by giving it the Vista look with this application, which provides you with various customization options If you are looking to have all the good look of Vista on your Windows XP, you already got it!!! with VistaMizer Full Version Activation Code with this program besides being convenient, save resources and is complete in all the aspects, covering every point. With its multiple ads, as screen transparency, its proper aero interface (winflip), effects administration, sidebar, preview of open windows in taskbar, etc., makes it the best choice to take it into your software collection.

VistaMizer registered

Change the appearance of your Windows XP by giving it the Vista look with this application, which provides you with various customization options Turn your Windows XP into Vista, but keep the XP. Transform Windows XP on Windows Vista using VistaMizer full version patch. Having the graphical interface of Vista on your obsolete OS is possible if you download VistaMizer serials VistaMizer Full Version Registration Code is a program that allows those running Windows XP to have the appearance of Windows Vista. If users like the look of Vista, but want to keep the core of their systems XP, they simply have to install this easy-to-use program. In other words, they can change the look, but keep the foundation.

It can transform your Windows XP into the look of Windows Vista VistaMizer 4.3 pre-Activated brings the Windows Vista interface to your Windows XP desktop. Thanks to this complete pack, managing to make the design of the menus, buttons and other objects of your Windows operating system to look like those of Windows Vista (very similar to those of Windows 7) is very simple.

Apply Vista’s visual style to your computer

This Windows Vista theme for Windows XP works in a very simple fashion, you only have to install it, restart it and see how your system has changed. Where you used to have blue bars with red buttons you will now find the polished interface that was launched with Vista.

VistaMizer Features:

  • Excelent Management of Resources
  • Option to create a restore point
  • Open Settings for Configurations
  • Couldnt avoid changes in case of updates, is needed to run the extra program
  • No all the options description are in english even you choose the language, during the installation
  • Option to create a bootdisk incluiding the vistamizer role
VistaMizer codes_164

It's so good that this soft let you include its roles in a Bootable ISO image allowing you to customize your own system from the installation itself, just imagine having XP compatibility with almost all with the designed beautiful look from the beginning. The author has a complete FAQ of the soft, updating the website and updating the version repairing any imperfection, the only bad thing is that the author to reduce traffic only provides a link to download the soft as a torrent, by everything else all that you provide after using the software are thumbs up.

System Requirement:

I installed VistaMizer on Windows Server 2003, and I get the Vista icons, but the task bar remained the same and I get the Start Orb sitting on partly on top of the old Start button. I ran the UltraUXThemePatcher but it didn’t solve the problem. Any ideas out there?

go to your desktop and click the right button, go to properties, aparence and chose the vista.

What’s new in last version:

Error with installer and uninstaller solved
Small adjustments to the theme
Bugfix in uninstaller, which did not a reset of some components
Representation errors during copying dialogues repaired
Theme now available also for 48px icons
Standard cursor replaces, so that now also again those copy and shift symbols are shown
problem with the assumption of the sounds, barrier PAPER, etc. repaired
errors with the De-Installations routine repaired

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37 thoughts on “VistaMizer registered

  1. Misleading install causes you to pay for what is a usually free CDDB to identify Ripped CD”s
    It doesn’t say click here for free CDDB,
    You can’t switch one chosen so your stuck with paying

  2. Freedom does not allow you to combine. To combine, simulate or manage, the paid version is required.

  3. Little bit tricky to set up unless you use one of the providers they give examples for like textmarketer or txtlocal but support are happy to help. Once it’s set up it’s very easy to send SMS message to a single person or to a group of contacts.

  4. I found this a waste of my time and Adobe should be ashamed for packaging this junk. CNet should shut it down.

  5. It’s not actually free, only the evaluation version is free. I’d say it’s easily worth the money for the time it’ll save – it’s pretty cheap and pays for itself extremely quickly – but it is misleading that they list it as ‘free’.

    Also Sublime 1 isn’t nearly as good as Sublime 2 beta and Sublime 2 beta has crashed on me a couple of times – not much more frequently than any other text editor I’ve used, but if you use the beta (which I do recommend) do be aware that it’s (as of Feb 2012) decently stable, rather than highly stable – so save often just in case.

  6. I use the 5.3 version of Macrium REFLECT for cloning my c drive only this is the only one that worked for me. EaseUS doesn’t work, AOMEI doesn’t work, Acronis , all versions, stopped working, and Minitool Drive Copy worked about 4 times and quit working . I clone my drive about once a week or so and Macrium Reflefct 5.3 has continued to work like 6 times in a row, flawlessly. I was skeptical about it’s ability to clone while in Windows, but it works. Note i do not do “updates” when something works because my experience is that in this day and age an “update” doesn’t mean better and if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

  7. Output file location cumbersome
    Output only to 8.5″ x 11″- which wont work well for D sized prints.

  8. The bought license key doesn’t work. Since more than 2 weeks the support has not replied any of my emails.

  9. Trojan detected by one of the most world famous antivirus software, what else to add…

  10. I do not author extremely complicated documents, spreadsheets and the like. But in the 3-4 years of using LibreOffice and its father, OpenOffice, I have not come across a Microsoft-produced document file that it cannot handle. The acid test came some time ago in the form of a colleague’s PowerPoint pitch with fades, fancy backgrounds and all the other glitz, shown without a hitch to a large audience.

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