VoipBuster 4.14.759 Activator Free Download

VoipBuster 4.14.759 Activator Free Download

Its sober yet functional design and the excellent sent and received audio quality make this software one of the best to make VoIP calls, moreover, it has clients for mobile devices so that we can call anywhere wherever we are using the same user account.

  • Free calls between users of the program.
  • External calls. The latter will be charged according to the official webpage, but these prices are really competitive. It’s also possible to send SMS to anywhere around the world.

VoipBuster serial keys

VoipBuster 4.14.759 Full Version keygen is a free program that uses the latest technology to bring free and high-quality voice communications to people all over the world. When you use the free VoipBuster 4.14 Full Version pre-Activated software, you can call regular phones in various popular destinations for free or call at an incredible low rate to any other phone on the planet. With the VoipBuster 4.14 preactivated always running, other users will be more likely to find you online. Chat with your friends from all across the globe using your Internet connection only via this simple and straightforward software solution

The fast growth of international calls as of late due to business and how easy they make it to stay in contact with friends and family that live in other countries have caused phoning by means of VoIP to emerge. VoipBuster portable is one of the programs with the most success in this field due to the fact that it’s complete, reliable and used by many people.

Types of calls on VoipBuster Full Version Activation Key

VoipBuster 4.14 Full Version Activation Key offers us two ways to use it: The program includes a complete address book that can also be completed with the information that is contained in our contact list for Outlook and Messenger. A simple and affordable method to communicate.

VoipBuster Full Version portable

Plenty of users prefer the communication over the Internet because the costs are generally lower than with the traditional networks. VoipBuster registeration keys is a voice communication client that relies on the web connection to intermediate the conversation. An account is required to benefit from its functionality.

Quick installation, preliminary configuration

After the installation process the program runs you through a brief configuration wizard in order to make sure that communication happens without a glitch. The application is wrapped up in a clean interface that has the most important functions placed in highly visible locations. It offers the possibility to create a list of contacts, which can be used for initiating a phone call quicker.

Call landline, mobile networks or use the P2P network

VoipBuster Registration Code can connect to other users that have the application installed but it can also be used for calling landline or mobile numbers. Storing a contact in the address book allows adding multiple details, apart from the name and phone number. These can include an address, country of residence, city and the company they work for. In the case of a VoipBuster 4.14.759 free user the task is simpler as the program searches the network by email address, login name or the full name.

System Requirement:

  • 300 MHz processor
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 10 MB free disk space on your hard drive
  • Sound Card, and headset with microphone
  • Internet Connection broadband: Cable, DSL, with minimum 64 kbit/s up/downstream)
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K
  • Homepage: www.voipbuster.com
  • Author Dellmont Sarl
  • Last version 4.14.759

How do I remove this program?

If you can’t remove it with the uninstaller from the installation folder you can try Add or Remove Programs feature:
For Windows XP or bellow you can go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. In the Currently installed programs box, click on the VoipBuster program and then click Remove.
For Windows Vista or above you need to go to Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. Select the VoipBuster application and click on Uninstall.
Also if you use a Mac, drag the icon of the program to the Trash.

After that, try running AdwCleaner to make sure that there are no leftover rogue registry keys or toolbars in your system.

What’s new in last version:

general: Speex support for p2p calls has been removed.
general: The internal connection handling has been enhanced.
general: The function to import Skype contacts has been removed.
general: The function to import MSN contacts has been removed.
feature: Login error's are now explained more extensively.
bugfix: Some internal locking issues solved.
bugfix: Clearing the callhistory contained a locking bug.
bugfix: Stopping the client while a call was still active could sometimes freeze the client.
bugfix: Bug fixes: New User Registration Wizard
bugfix: Minor bugfixes
bugfix: Adding phone numbers could fail for some countries (Russian Federation, Ukraine, Mauritius and some more).

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9 thoughts on “VoipBuster 4.14.759 Activator Free Download

  1. It has problems with showing diacritic language chars (like with cedilla, macron, caron) that get converted to ?. Lacks basic features, no settings. Choose something better.

  2. I downloaded this several times, after deleting the previous driver each time, and Vista continues to give me an uncipherable error message.

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