Wally 2.4.5 portable

Wally 2.4.5 portable

Currently, Wally 2.4.5 license code supports Picasa, Flickr, Bing, Yahoo, Buzznet, pike, Panoramio, and some more. When you add one of those services, you can only search for images. You can't really have Wally Full Version keygen look for a specific group of images or your own account, or at least it is not evident that you can. So for example, I activated Photobucket and Yahoo and used a simple search: "iMac." So, when I started the application it showed a nice picture of an iMac as a wallpaper on my desktop. I also activated the feature to show information about images on the right of the screen, which tells me from what website the image is pulled and who is the owner of it, along with its title.

Wally full version setup

Wally 2.4.5 registeration keys appears as an icon in the System Tray, and right-clicking on it brings up a settings menu. Wally 2.4.5 full setup can display images that you have stored on your computer, but the really cool thing about it is that it can access images from deviantART, Vladstudio, Google, SmugMug, Picasa, Buzznet, Photobucket, Ipernity, Panoramio, Yahoo, and Flickr. For any of these providers, simply enter your desired keywords, and Wally 2.4.5 Full Version portable will select matching images to display on your desktop. Of course, given the nature of these sites, the quality of the images will vary widely. We entered the keyword “kitten” in Picasa, and while the first image returned was a professional-looking shot of a kitten and a puppy cuddling, the next was a snapshot of some random man reclining on a sofa with a kitten in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

Additional settings enable you to display the pictures in a random order, to load the app at system startup, to only use landscape photos or to use the full desktop area. Also, you can make a few adjustments regarding the network connection and the active engines. From the right-click menu you can change the wallpaper or pause the entire activity of the app. All in all, Wally 2.4.5 activated is a nice program that can come in handy when you want to always have a new picture displayed on the screen. Inexperienced users should have no issues with this software, thanks to its intuitive layout and the task’s simplicity.

Wally Features:

  • None
  • Searches both online and offline
  • Small processor and memory usage
  • It works great
  • Several image websites available
  • Customizable
  • Easy installation. Easy setup. Flawless operation.
  • You can (like every 10 seconds) set frequent pix changes… or have the same one up all day…..and no one will care a whit.
  • Hangs after few rotations.Have to exit from task manager and again open the application.
  • Handles pictures in sub-directories of the one specified.Cycles through the pictures in sequential order.Remembers where it was when the system is shut down or rebooted. The source of the picture (file name) can be obtained through the menu.
  • Needs systray controls in the worst way. Even a simple “Next file/Previous File” would help a lot.
  • Quality, little program. Does everything you need and for freeDOWNLOAD
Wally Full Version serial code

By default images get changed every 2 minutes but you can change that to as low as 10 seconds or as high as hours. Wally 2.4.5 free download can be told to launch along with the system and start automatically changing wallpapers. It also has a feature that I really like in such an application. It can download pictures that you use for your wallpapers onto your disk. So, it actually doubles as a Flickr downloader, for example. The application works on most platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS X, and many Linux distributions. Wally 2.4.5 keys changes the background of your screen after a certain amount of time. Download Wally activated and enjoy thousands of different images from the Internet

System Requirement:

  • Qt4
  • libexif
  • Windows All
  • Homepage: www.becrux.com
  • Author Antonio Di Monaco
  • Last version 2.4.5

What’s new in last version:

Modified Flickr API for HTTPS support
Removed Yahoo! engine, no longer active
Fixed XFCE 4.10 support
Added Linux custom wallpaper change script support
Fixed gconftool-2 arguments bug
Settings window layout is now suitable for netbook screens
Fixed GnomeShell background change issue
Added Swedish language
Added Turkish language
Added GnomeShell support
Added Hungarian language
Added Danish language
Removed Pikeo module, it is no longer active
Removed Bing module, M$ didn't accept Wally's way of using Bing
Deprecated HTTP Qt classes have been replaced
Wally can now terminate after first background change
Splash screen can be disabled
Mac OSX Settings GUI scrollbar issue fixed

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18 thoughts on “Wally 2.4.5 portable

  1. When viewing a PDF in a broswer the tool bar dissapears and you have to hunt around with your mouse at the bottom of the page for it to show up. (i’m sure there is a way to bring back the old toolbar, but I don’t want to spend the time on it)

  2. The interface takes way too much time to get used to. No way to EASILY exclude files and folders. Should have a “Browse” button.

  3. Being picky… the user interface could be more attractive. I would like to see a bar indicating progress of updates etc.

  4. I was told to delete the previous version and did. Now I have the same problem as ‘Brain Dead” and many others. I can’t install an older version, and when I try to unsuccessfully install the newest version, my computer tells me I have a newer version already on my computer……….What do I do?????

  5. Only supports one host. Looks like this free version X1 is to get you to buy their X2 version that supports multiple hosts.

  6. I’m sure if there are two of us who got taken, there are many, many more out there. Sad state of affairs when companies like this are allowed to stay in business.

  7. They claim that they do not have the ability to re-activate the software should your computer crash or if you need to do a clean install on your system for any reason. They simply prompt you to purchase the program ALL OVER AGAIN!!

  8. it’s very mature disk partition software. I’ve been using this for years and it’s just become better and better. Thumbs up for AOEMI!

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