Waterfox 2020.05 full version

Waterfox 2020.05 full version

Get more freedom The tool is more than just a browser. It fights to protect your online privacy and keeps corporate powers in check. Browse independently with this app! More performance “Bring it, Internet! We’ve spent the last year supercharging Water fox’s performance. Now start up faster, tab hop quicker and scroll like a speed demon”. Features and Highlights

Waterfox Full Version Activator

Smart bookmarks, a download manager, tab grouping and spell checking are just some of the advantages that it has to offer. Also, it comes with a pop-up blocker and protects your computer against viruses and spyware by restraining access to reported attack sites and web forgeries. Furthermore, Waterfox For Pc Free Download includes a set of tools especially designed for web developers, such as the 'Web Console', the 'Debugger' or the 'Style Editor'. Just like Firefox, the application offers its users the possibility to customize it according to their needs and requirements by using the add-on manager. All the 64-bit Firefox extensions are also compatible with Waterfox 2020.05 crack, thus allowing you to add new functionality to the browser and change almost every aspect of its appearance and features.

  • Your favorite add-ons and extensions. Classic add-on archive coming soon! – Adblock, Ublock, LastPass and thousands more.
  • Customize your browser – Personalize software with everything from themes to privacy tools.
  • Browse faster – Start faster, tab hop quicker, get more done.
  • Sync between devices – Get your tabs, logins and history on the go.
  • Tabs that travel – View open tabs on any device.
  • Balanced memory usage – Browse smoothly and leave plenty of memory for your computer programs.
  • Better bookmarks – Quickly save and organize your favorite sites.
  • Ad tracker blocking – Private Browsing blocks ads with trackers.
  • More powerful Private Browsing – More protection than Incognito mode or InPrivate.
  • More private – It doesn’t sell access to your online data. Period.
  • No data collection – “We have no need for your data, so you can browse freely”.
  • Password Manager – Forget the reset. Save passwords and logins quickly.

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Furthermore, Waterfox 2020 precracked offers compatibility with the vast majority of add-ons created for the browser by Mozilla, and it even offers an improved experience when it comes to working with Java, Silverlight and Flash, because if supports the 64-bit version of all three platforms. Therefore, if you want to enjoy one of the best browsers working at 64-bit, all you have to do is download Waterfox free download .

System Requirement:

  • Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64)
  • Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows XP64, Vista64, Windows 7 64, Windows 8 64, Windows 10 64
  • Homepage: www.waterfox.net
  • Author Waterfox
  • Last version 2020.05

What’s new in last version:

Security updates and some feature changes.
Logo Updates:
Please be aware that Waterfox Classic now has an updated logo. We are looking into how to better handle the difference between Classic and Current. Current will now take over the use of the standard logo.
What’s new in Waterfox 2020.05:
Latest security advisories from Mozilla for both channels.
Fixed version display on Windows installers for both channels.
View Changes:
Latest security advisories patched
Current now has support for Java and Silverlight once more! Please use at your own risk.

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10 thoughts on “Waterfox 2020.05 full version

  1. incredibly, gobsmakingly stupid design. Missing several features from the previous version, counterintuitive and buggy

  2. As I said above, I don’t like that I sometimes get a poorly synced audio track with the video portion.

  3. Doesn’t really work. Can’t help but wonder why CNET lately has been giving 5 stars for crapware.

  4. The Skin is good but it’s don’t have other skins. I love a blue skin like T3-Skynet of WMP.

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